Digital proofing system testing revealed (I)

At the time Epson launched the Epson Stylus Pro 4000, Epson (China) Co., Ltd., EFI Shanghai Office, and Yachang Company jointly conducted digital proofing tests, which mainly completed testing of hardware performance and software performance. In this test process, the establishment of linearization and the establishment of characteristic files in the color management are involved. The test report is selected here to hope to help the counterparts in color management.

First, the test environment

1. Hardware composition

1 One SP4000 printer provided by Epson; 2 One PC P4 computer provided by Yachang; 3 One provided by GretagMacbeth SpectroScan spectrophotometer.

2. Software composition

1 provided by Yachang company Windows 2000 Professional operating system software; 2 by the EFI company provided Best Color Proof XXL5.0.1 color management software; 3 by EFI company provided Best 5.0.1 Premium 1.1.0 Addon color management software.

3. Printing supplies

1 Epson Photo Grade Semigloss (17-inch) printing paper provided by Epson; 2 Epson provides SP4000 printer "Century Rainbow" eight-color pigment ink.

4. Platemaking process

1 Make a digital proofing standard test version (Figure 1)

2CTP plate process data table (as shown in Table 1).

5. printing art

Printing process data sheet (as shown in Table 2).

Under the above printing conditions, IT8 color proofs using three Korean 157g/m2 coated papers were obtained.

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