High speed full-sheet two-color offset printing machine

The high-speed full-sheet two-color offset printing press includes a frame component, a power transmission component is arranged below the frame, a paper delivery component is installed at the bottom of the frame, and a paper transfer rolling component is also mounted on the frame. The technical feature is that a paper feeding component is mounted on a frame component, a paper feeding shaft of the paper feeding component is mounted on the paper feeding component, a rule delivery paper component is arranged at the front of the paper feeding component, and two frames are arranged on the frame. The set of printing components also has an electrical automatic control section on the rack. This high-speed full-sheet two-color offset press ensures that the pressure applied by the roller on the cam does not change, the entire drive is stable, the paper-gripping force is large and uniform, the paper-feeding operation is reliable, and the overlay accuracy is high.

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