DATASENSOR push pack and wrapper inspection device

Based on special considerations for the needs of the pharmaceutical and food industries, DATASENSOR focuses on new inspection devices that are specifically designed for the control equipment of packaging and wrapping machines.

Process control plays a very important role in pharmaceutical packaging because overall safety must ensure that the product is protected from contamination or deterioration. The S65-Z on-line sensor and the DS1 detection grating introduced by DATASENSOR are unique in DATASENSOR's new products.

The S65-Z retro-reflective sensor hits a beam of light on a reflective strip. The reflection of the light allows the sensor to determine the position, size, and integrity of the moving object on the belt, as well as detect differences or defects of 1 mm in size within 150 mm.

S65-Z is particularly suitable for the control of the position, size and integrity of solid drugs, such as pills, tablets and capsules, which are placed in pill boxes, blisters, and strips, and placed in machines used as product buffers, such as forming and filling. Embedded, capsule mechanical.

The DS1 detection grating consists of a multi-beam transmitter and a corresponding grating receiver. The grating receiver can determine the position and height of the object based on the received light, and its resolution is 4mm within a range of 300mm. The DS1 rasterizer is suitable for test applications on machines that send products from the buffer to the final packaging area, such as balers, boxes and cartoners.

DATASENSOR's S65-Z and DS1 are part of a complete set of standard and special optoelectronic devices for use in automated packaging machinery. Automation packaging machines have been developed in the industrial area of ​​the Emilia-Romagna region known as the Italian “Packaging Silicon Valley”. More than 30 years.

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