Prepress designer's prepress design training and problem solving (I)

Color management is indeed very necessary; the best and most feasible method in the current color system is to not use color management...

There are mainly two types of people who have been active in prepress design jobs for a long time. One is professional art designers who graduated from the art academies. They have a good grasp of the principles of the United States, the mastery of the design elements and control, but lack the necessary knowledge of the printing process. The entire printing process is not well understood, so its design work is a perfect "artwork", but it is not a qualified "product"; the other is a printing professional graduated from a printing academy, and their entire process of printing has been Familiar with, but lacking in artistic accomplishment and comprehension, his design work is a law-abiding "product" that appears too rigid and lacks the charm of "artwork."

1 Prepress designer's ability to develop

The capabilities of prepress designers should not only be to master the principles and skills of color, painting, etc. They should have reasonable intelligent structures, including memory, observation, thinking, imagination, innovation, reaction, expression, and aesthetics.

1) Memory

Memory ability is the basic ability. It is the basis for designers to continue to learn and innovate. At the same time, it also affects the mastery of other abilities. There are many ways to cultivate memory. Designers can carry out different levels of training according to their own conditions.

2) Observing ability Mr. Lu Xun once said: "If you create, you must first observe." Observing is a conscious and planned activity in the designer's perceptual form. The prepress designer is first a product designer. He also needs to observe the market, understand the market, and have first-hand information.

3) Thinking Ability Thinking is a very complicated concept. Thinking ability is the ability of designers to think about objective things.

4) imagination

Imagination is not only a thinking ability but also a different thinking ability. In the creative process of the work, the designer can only reach the height of the art design by inserting the wings of imagination.

5) Innovation Capability Innovation is the core part of the smart structure, and the center of creativity is the soul of design. If a product design is confined to a limited space of development, it cannot develop. The ability to innovate is the necessary ability for designers to get rid of mediocrity and pursue perfection.

6) Responsiveness

As a prepress designer, one must be good at accepting new things, not stick to the tradition, accept a variety of cultures, and constantly improve their responsiveness. To become a successful designer must have a keen sense of smell.

7) Expressiveness and aesthetic ability

Expressiveness refers to the ability to express ideas creatively. Some designers in the creative stage have very rich imaginations, but they cannot express good ideas well. This is mainly due to lack of modern design skills.

A good designer must have a superior aesthetic ability, including a keen observation, rich imagination, and flexible ideas that can lead others in a comprehensive aesthetic.

In addition to these many capabilities, designers should also be involved in other areas of hunting life, such as music, dance, flowers, sports, etc., from which they constantly look for the form of beauty, the principle of beauty, and improve their aesthetic capabilities.

2 Specific issues in design

1) Color management. Simply put, color management is to make the image consistent across different devices. There are three elements in color management: calibration, personalization, and transformation. The process of calibration is to adjust the equipment according to the operating parameters of the equipment (provided by the equipment manufacturer). The personalization process is the process of establishing a device profile, which determines the color range of input and output devices in a specific environment. Conversion is color space conversion, the purpose of which is to keep the colors and originals on different output devices consistent. In fact, since the color space of the print output device is smaller than the color space of the original, the conversion is a color space compression process.

From an ideal point of view, color management is indeed necessary. The implementation of color management will implement a complete color closed-loop control system for scanning equipment, computer display, typesetting software, color printing, RIP, and plastic E-mouth proofing. Traditional electricity mainly relies on the ills of operating personnel. However, there are many problems in practical application: 1 Each manufacturer has its own color management, there is no uniform standard; 2 Inconsistent color management of various hardware and software, such as scanners, MAC machines, PCs, software, printers, etc.; 3MAC The "what you see is what you get" can't be realized at all; 4 MAC's typesetting software is not compatible with the color management of various equipment manufacturers. When using color management in the system, it is easy to cause confusion. Therefore, in the current color system, the best way is not to use color management. The color quality is controlled by experienced scanners. It is the best and most feasible method.

2) Color and Culture

1 color and ethnicity. China is a multi-ethnic country. Different nations have different histories and different cultures. Color preferences are crucial in prepress design as part of national culture. Therefore, pre-press designers must have a certain understanding and understanding of the national color preferences and taboos when designing ethnically related works. Try to avoid making designs that hurt ethnic sentiments (Table 1).

(to be continued)

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