Packaging and decorating positioning and design (in)

On the basis of accurate positioning, the concept of packaging and decorating design should be carried out under the guiding ideology of science, economy, reliability, aesthetics, and promotion. Conceiving different types of design solutions and then selecting superior ones is an important measure in the whole process of design. It is necessary to conceive and try out various forms of expressions and techniques. When conditions permit, it is also possible to brainstorm through creative modes such as "brain storm" to improve the quality of design.

Composition is an important means to achieve the design intention of packaging and decorating. It is also a clever combination of different design elements in order to obtain the ideal form of expression. Because the composition reflects the design intent, the composition must be centered on the design orientation and constantly change the composition. Incorporate design intent with full use of composition effects.

Packaging and decoration design is first of all the overall requirements, that is, the theme must be prominent, in the composition of the main image at what position is very important, as shown in the figure, the main image of the center, stable and generous, and the actual situation is appropriate, have good results.

Design should be based on the nature of different goods and requirements to determine the location of the top, bottom, left, right, in the commercial design, many designs use a special angle of the goods, in order to reflect the fine material, texture, as shown in the figure, The performance of the electric shaver is vivid and vivid, and it has a great promotion effect on the sales of goods.

Secondly, the application of the aesthetic law of composition is very important. A good composition form can attract the eyes of consumers and accurately convey product information to customers, as shown in the figure.
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