Corrugated Paper Box Knowledge Collection--Product Type

Corrugated box products

There are many types of corrugated boxes, which can be roughly divided into three categories according to their structure:

Slotted cartons (02 type)

The slotted carton is the most basic type of box in the transport package and it is also the most widely used type of carton. It consists of a piece or pieces of processed corrugated board, which is a combination of stapled or bonded cartons. Its bottom and top flaps (upper and lower flaps) form the bottom and the lid. Such cartons can be folded and laid flat during transportation and storage, and have the advantages of small size, convenient use, sealed and dustproof, and clean interior and exterior.

Fitting carton (03 type)

The nested carton consists of one or more pieces of processed corrugated cardboard. The feature is that the box and the lid are separated, and the sleeves are used when they are used. The advantages of this kind of carton are that it is convenient for packing and sealing, and it is not easy to fall off after the goods are loaded. The overall strength of the carton is higher than that of the slotted carton. The disadvantage is that the sleeve is of a large volume after being synthesized, and transportation and storage are inconvenient.

Folding carton (04 type)

Folding carton, also known as a special-shaped carton, is usually composed of a piece of corrugated cardboard, which is folded to form the low, side, and lid of the carton without being stapled and glued.

Corrugated box accessories

In order to protect the goods from being damaged during transportation, according to the characteristics and requirements of different products, it is necessary to design a reasonable structure of accessories to protect the goods. The most basic carton attachments are the following:

A. Baffle: For packaging of fragile and fragile items for bottles, separate each item in the box to prevent shaking and collision.

B. Lining: Lining is basically made of three, one is a full liner, used for layered stacking for multiple layers inside the box. The second type is the bridge lining plate, which is used to cover the gap in the carton. The third type is liners. In order to improve the compressive strength of the carton and protect the goods, the liner is surrounded on all four sides of the carton.

C. Liner: According to different shapes and weak parts of the merchandise, a variety of liners are designed to fix the merchandise to ensure that the merchandise will not move in the process of transportation, but also has a buffering effect.

The advantages of corrugated carton

Corrugated carton is a paper packaging container made of corrugated cardboard. It has a lot of advantages:

1, light weight, good structural performance. The corrugated structure within it is similar to an arched structure, which can play a role in anti-shock and shock absorption, and has good mechanical properties.

2. There are many good protection functions for packaged goods. For example, moisture-proof, heat-dissipating, easy-to-handle, etc

3, low transportation costs, and easy to achieve the mechanization and automation of packaging and transportation.

4. The change of specifications and dimensions is easy to implement and can quickly adapt to the packaging of various types of articles.

5, sealing, strapping are convenient, easy to automate operations.

6, can adapt to various types of carton decoration printing, can be a good solution to product protection and promotion issues.

7. The waste bin is easy to recycle and meet the environmental protection requirements.

8, can be combined with various coverings or moisture-proof materials, and greatly expand its scope of use.

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