Research on Process of Coating, Precoating and Water-based Coating (Part One)

Film coating process is an important process in the printing industry. The level of film coating technology and the quality of the film directly affect the quality of the product and the quality of the product. If the quality of the film is severe, it will cause the entire batch of products to be scrapped. And, the printed film will also bring a series of related issues, such as environmental protection issues, production safety issues, employees physical and mental health problems, from the printing companies, but also to consider the process issues, efficiency issues, and cost issues. Therefore, it is necessary to make some comparisons of these three coating methods in terms of process, quality, cost, and environmental protection.

1, process characteristics

1) coating film

The preparation work in the early stage is more. First, the solvent and solution are metered to make it fully mixed. Then the temperature of the drying path of the laminating machine is increased, and then the wind speed, temperature, air volume and the pressure and temperature of the lamination roller in the drying tunnel are adjusted. After the data is determined to be correct, it will be filmed. After the film is completed, it must be thoroughly cleaned with alcohol. The process is relatively cumbersome and requires more technical parameters to be controlled and mastered. The process flow is shown in Figure 1.

2) Pre-coated film

The preparation work in the early stage is simple, there is no need to prepare a solution, and it is not necessary to increase the temperature in the drying tunnel, and it can be directly laminated on the lamination roller. Only the pressure, temperature, and speed of the lamination roller can be adjusted to perform the operation. The process is shown in Figure 2.

As can be seen in the figure, the process operation is simple, the technical parameters that need to be controlled are less, and after the lamination task is completed, the power can be turned off and off.

3) Waterborne film

The water-based film belongs to the cold heading process, and its process operation complexity is between that of the coating film and the pre-coating film. It does not need to dry the baking path, and it does not need to raise the temperature of the pressing roll. What needs to be controlled is the recoating speed and the coating speed. The combined pressure, as well as the size of the sizing, can be cut in 15 minutes after winding. After the lamination task is completed, it can be cleaned with clean water. The process flow is shown in Figure 3.

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