Day Saver Deicing Pack

   Flex Pack This bag is an ideal product for home use. When used, excellent packaging ensures that the de-icing agent is evenly distributed in small and medium-sized areas. No tools and special training are required for use. Its simple opening facilitates use by customers and is packaged securely without leakage. A zipper is attached to the package for easy storage and future use.

  • Baste roasts, stir soups and stews, serve sauces, and more with this set of heavy-duty serving spoons.
  • Drain off liquid from wet foods with the slotted or perforated spoons, and pour sauce or gravy with the Solid Spoon.
  • SLOTTED COOKING SPOON – This heat resistant, Slotted Spoon is great for removing foods from boiling water or hot oil.  It has a flat nose and bowl shaped head for easier stirring and serving.
  • SAFE AND HEALTHY FOR YOUR FAMILY - We use these utensils ourselves and want the best for our family and yours. Our FDA-grade silicone is safety-tested, heat resistant up to 480°F, and guaranteed 100% BPA-free

Slotted Spoon

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