Yida Gum Goes into Resealable Pouch

The success of Wrigley's sugar-free chewing gum has benefited from its healthy elements - no sugar, no packaging, and lots of marketing activities. With the acceleration of the pace of life of people, especially office owners, convenience and innovation have become the key to attracting consumers.

In order to keep Wrigley's products soft during the shelf life, Wrigley's Ida Sugar-Free Gum launched the re-sealable pouch package. The top of the silver bag has a small hole dedicated to the shelf hanging, the mint flavored hanging area is red, and the lemony pear flavor is yellow. This chewing gum, which hangs near the cash register of supermarkets, has a distinctive personality, a vivid image, and easy-to-recognize, which facilitates the impulse and trial purchase of customers.

Wrigley's packaging design not only pursues eye-catching, but also intuitively reflects the product quality. The silvery main body of the pouch highlights the blue-white logo of “Extra Yida” and the white “white” word, which indicates the sugar-free properties of the product and the efficacy of white teeth.

About 18 rectangular white chewing gums are packed in the pouch for a shelf life of 9 months. Tear the pouch along the guide incision, open the plastic zipper inside, and pour the chewing gum pellets, then fasten the zipper and the bag is sealed again. Compared with the original aluminum foil five-piece strip packaging, the flat rectangular pouch expands the display area, prolongs the product life cycle, and is still very convenient to carry. It not only avoids the shortcomings of paper packaging products that are easy to be contaminated and sealed after being carried for a long time, but also is safer and more fashionable, which increases people's pleasure in purchasing and sharing chewing gum.

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