Analysis of the Color Marketing Function in Commodity Packaging Design

Commodity packaging is an important part of a commodity. It is not only an indispensable outer garment, but also plays a role in protecting the commodity, facilitating its transportation, sales, and consumer purchase. It is also a miniature image of a commodity manufacturing company. Color as a major element of product packaging, not only plays a role in beautifying the packaging of goods, but also plays a marketing function that can not be ignored in the process of product marketing. The color of commodity packaging plays a great role in promoting the rapid expansion of the sales market when corporate products enter the circulation field. This point is being taken seriously by more and more companies and product packaging designers.

I. Color has advertising functions to promote goods and attract consumers' attention

According to relevant data analysis, when the human visual sense is observing the object, the color perception accounts for 80% in the first 20 seconds, and its shape only accounts for 20%; after two minutes, the color accounts for 60%, and the modeling accounts for 40%; five minutes Afterwards, each half of them were followed, and the impression of color continued to be maintained in human visual memory. In today's highly prosperous commodity economy, modern commodity sales, especially daily necessities, are mostly carried out in supermarkets. Faced with a wide array of commodities, consumers first noticed the packaging with a novel and unique color that could instantly leave a visual impression. The main color of a good product package will attract people's attention, inducing consumers to use color-consistent product packaging, and associating the exquisite and moving parts of a product to create a desire to purchase. Therefore, companies should pay attention to the design of product packaging. The important role of color, so that packaging designers in the design of commodity packaging colors, try to design a product identity that can quickly capture the eyes of consumers in order to improve the competitiveness of corporate goods in sales. The excellent color of goods packaging can not only beautify the goods, seize people's sight, make people have a good aesthetic enjoyment in the process of buying goods, but also play a role in promoting the goods, people inadvertently noticed its brand. Smart packaging designers will take advantage of this effect, and aiming to attract consumers' attention by designing personalized colors on the packaging of goods that can quickly capture the attention of consumers in the market.

II. Excellent product packaging color design can promote the sale of goods

The color of merchandise packaging will stimulate people's physiology and psychology. The ancients talked about “seeing pleasure in the thirst” because people saw the bright colors of the plums in the paintings, which made people psychologically yearn for them and physiologically responded. In food packaging, the use of bright colors, bright pink, orange, orange and other colors can emphasize the smell, taste and taste of food, taste and taste. Chocolate, cereal, and other foods use warm colors such as gold, red, and brown to give people fresh, delicious, nutritious feelings. Tea is packed in green and gives a fresh and healthy feeling. The packaging of cold foods and drinks uses blue and white with a cool and snowy feeling to highlight food freezing and hygiene. Alcoholic and alcoholic foods are often elegant and quaint, giving people a physiologically beautiful, mellow feel, and psychologically producing brand-name feelings that have a long history. It is the color of the packaging of these products that meets the physiological and psychological characteristics of the consumer, so that consumers can quickly make a decision to purchase this product in the same category of goods. This speeds up the sales of corporate goods.

Three. Color has recognition memory function in commodity marketing

Because of their differences in hue and brightness, each of its own colors varies greatly. When people purchase goods, they will not only notice the shape of each product, but also notice the difference in the color of the goods. In commodity packaging design, designing various colors that can be clearly discerned by consumers will help people identify various commodities. In psychology, consumers' attention is divided into intentional attention and unintentional attention. When consumers first come into contact with a certain product, they pay no attention to the packaging of the product, but when the consumer resells the product again, they will pay attention to the color of the package. Therefore, the color of commodity packaging should be designed to have its own characteristics, so that consumers have a deeper visual memory of this packaging color, so that consumers can quickly purchase the same product the next time. In the packaging of cosmetics, men's products are often expressed in dark colors such as black and dark green to show solemnity. For women's cosmetic packaging, soft and elegant colors such as purple, pink and pearl white are often used to show elegance. In the packaging of pharmaceuticals and drugs, commonly used cool and warm color blocks indicate the nature of the drugs. For example, red indicates nourishing fitness, blue indicates anti-inflammatory and antipyretic, green indicates painful sedation, and red and black blocks indicate severe drugs. Different types are packaged in different colors for easy identification by consumers and the ability to use the color memory for the next purchase. This will shorten the trading time of commodities and accelerate the sales of goods and the circulation of products.

Fourth, packaging color in the commodity pricing function

This function of packaging colors is based on the mutual heterogeneity of colors and the customs of color in some countries. This function of color is often used in the same brand series of products. When companies introduce products of the same brand with different price grades, using the same pattern with the same color, hidden label classification will often cause confusion to manufacturers' packaging, business sales, and especially consumer purchases. If you use different packaging colors to distinguish between, such trouble can be avoided. In our country's cultural customs, purple and gold are often used as noble colors, and other colors are used as ordinary colors. Therefore, in China's commodity packaging, when colors are used to identify the same brand series of goods at different price levels, purple and gold are commonly used to identify products with higher prices. Such as the same series of brand-name cigarettes in recent years. The "Yipinmei" series cigarettes of Huaiyin Cigarette Factory use yellow, blue, dark red, gold and other packaging colors to indicate different prices for this series of cigarettes. The "Nanjing" series of cigarettes produced by the Nanjing Cigarette Factory uses green, red, purple, gold and other colors to distinguish different grades of this series of cigarettes. Among these series of cigarettes, the prices of purple and gold packaging are higher, and the prices of other color packaging are generally or lower. The use of the binning function of packaging colors in commodity pricing. Can bring convenience to manufacturers packaging, business sales. When consumers purchase goods, they can quickly distinguish between the products in the same brand series that they want to buy.

V. Colors in commodity packaging can give consumers a sense of trust in the product

In general, whether a consumer feels trust in the quality of a product when he or she first encounters a product is often an important factor in determining whether or not to purchase the product. When a consumer purchases a product, he first conducts a self-research on the appearance of the product to determine the reliability of the product's quality and whether he or she has purchased it. This requires our merchandise packaging designers to be able to design products based on their own characteristics, so that consumers will see the color of the package, it will produce a trust in the quality of the product's reliable quality of the resonance of the packaging color. Such as pearl whitening facial cleanser packaging design, its package color design pearl white. When consumers, especially women, purchase, because of their packaging color, they will have a trust in the pearl content and whitening effect of this brand of pearl whitening facial cleanser, and prompt her (he) to purchase this product. For example, in the packaging design of delicate products such as clocks, cameras, pens, lighters, etc., the use of gold, silver, gray and other colors can not only bring out the noble and beautiful qualities of the goods, but also the quality of the products produced by consumers. sense of trust. This will facilitate the completion of consumer purchases.

6. Color has the function of expanding product popularity and establishing corporate image

In a complex commercial economy, each company wants to increase the popularity of its products and establish a good image of its own business. The commodity packaging on various types of shopping mall shelves is itself a silent advertisement to promote itself and establish a corporate image. For the excellent color design that quickly captures consumers' attention in the packaging of goods, more and more well-known domestic and foreign companies pay more attention to it. Coca-Cola's Coca-Cola beverage packaging from the United States, although the pattern is constantly changing, but the main color of its packaging has not changed. Red is the color of young people, the color of sports, and the symbol of Coca-Cola's eternal vigor. Guangdong Zhuhai Kangqi's product, “Platinum Platinum”, has been used to represent the high-tech image of the company since it was put on the market. Kodak uses the yellow color that represents hope, joy, and thoughts to package its film products. People choose the yellow-wrapped film to naturally think of Kodak Company, which can leave people with eternal and splendid images. Numerous well-known enterprises have used a fixed color that can represent their own image in the process of development. They have packaged the products of the company and established a good image of the company.

In summary, the color in the commodity packaging design, due to its unique connotation and characteristics, plays a silent role as a marketing guru in the marketing of commodities. This should be instructive for our commodity packaging designers. As a good product packaging designer, we must not only pay attention to the beautifying function of the color of commodity packaging, but also must pay attention to the color marketing function of commodity packaging design from the perspective of economics.

Source: Li Feng, Department of Art, Southeast University, China Packaging

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