Technical Elements and Key Points of Green Packaging Design

Green packaging design is a packaging design process with the core concept of environment and resources. Specifically refers to the use of appropriate green packaging materials, the use of green techniques, for packaging products for structural modeling and beautify the decorative design.

Material Elements

The material elements include basic materials (paper materials, plastic materials, glass materials, metal materials, ceramic materials, bamboo and other composite materials, etc.) and auxiliary materials (adhesives, coatings, inks, etc.) The material basis for the realization of great functions (protection, convenience, and sales) is directly related to the overall function and economic cost of packaging, production and processing methods, and recycling of packaging waste.

The selection of materials in the green packaging design should follow the following principles.

(1) Lightweight, thin, easy to separate, high-performance packaging materials.
(2) Recyclable and renewable packaging materials.
(3) Edible packaging materials.
(4) Degradable packaging materials.
(5) Natural ecological energy packaging materials developed using natural resources.
(6) try to use paper packaging

Shape factor

The shape of the package is a major aspect of the package design. The form factor includes the size and shape of the package display surface. If the shape is reasonable, it can save packaging materials, reduce packaging costs, and reduce environmental pressure. When considering the form factor of packaging design, preference should be given to the geometry that saves raw materials. In all kinds of geometry, if the volume is the same, the surface area of ​​the sphere is the smallest; for a prism, the surface area of ​​the cube is smaller than the surface area of ​​the cuboid; for a cylinder, when the diameter of the cylinder is higher than the diameter of the bottom surface, Its smallest surface area.

Excellent packaging design should follow the following principles.

(1) Combine the characteristics of the product itself and make full use of the formal rules of the appearance of the product.
(2) Adapt to market demand, conduct accurate market positioning, and create brand personality.
(3) We must use “light, thin, short, and small” to prevent excessive packaging, exaggerate packaging, and useless
(4) Drawing inspiration from nature and using design techniques to create innovative packaging designs.
(5) Take full account of environmental and ergonomics factors.
(6) Actively use modern technology and new materials for modern packaging design.
(7) Vigorously develop serialized packaging design.

Technical elements

To truly meet the standards of green packaging, simply relying on the above four points is incomplete, and it also needs green packaging technology as a supplement. The technical elements mentioned here include equipment in packaging design. Process. Energy and technology used. The so-called green technology refers to a technological system that can reduce pollution, reduce consumption, control pollution, or improve ecology.

The technical elements of green packaging design include the following points.

(1) The processing equipment and the energy used must be good for the environment and should not produce gas, liquid, or light that can damage the environment. Heat, taste, etc. Pollution production processes and production processes do not use low-energy equipment for the environment. The process does not produce toxic or harmful substances.
(2) Strengthen the study of detachable packaging design so that consumers can easily disassemble the packaging in accordance with environmental protection requirements.
(3) Strengthen the research and development of green additives and green inks.

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