Designer's design of printing process

The first question to be considered in the manuscript review is whether or not the printed manuscript can be applied to textiles through dyeing and finishing. In other words, whether the dyeing and finishing technology and equipment conditions possessed by the production enterprise can accomplish such work, otherwise, the exquisite pattern can not be expressed on the textile. According to the characteristics of the fabric pattern and the fabrics to be processed, the printing and dyeing technicians design the printing process including the limitation and selection of the printing equipment, the formulation of the printing technology route, the determination of the dyestuff and the like.

The choice of printing equipment is actually the choice of printing patterns and printing methods. Printing equipment is a means to implement textile printing. Different printing equipments have different printing applicability. It can also be said that different printing patterns have different printing applicability and characteristics, and printed floral patterns have different styles. Such as roller printing machine printing speed, for some of the less demanding fabric patterns can be used roller printing machine printing, flat screen printing machine slower, but accurate flowers, the screen can be selected high mesh, can be printed Fine flower pattern. Due to the advanced plate-making technology and the rapid development of photosensitive materials, screen flower patterns (including flat flower patterns and metal circle pattern patterns) have more and more powerful expression patterns. Some difficult-to-do pattern effects such as clouds Patterns, water stains, mud spots, cocoon silk, etc. can also be expressed through the screen pattern. Therefore, with the continuous advances in printing and dyeing technology, printing equipment or printing patterns have less and less restrictions on the expression of fabric patterns.

After selecting the printing equipment, according to the pattern of the printed cloth and the nature of the printed textile, the technical route of the printing and the selection of the dye are determined. The composition relationship, color effect of the pattern, the material composition of the printed textile, and the organizational structure are the main basis for formulating the printing technology route and determining the choice of dyeing materials. Of course, we must also consider the requirements of processing contracts for product quality, processing costs, and so on.

Source: China Washing & Dyeing Industry Information Center

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