Frequently asked questions before printing/output (2)

2. About graphic software illustrator

â—† The free points in the file should be deleted.
â—† The illustrator's 100% black color is not automatically overprinted, but left blank, and the filter-color-black overprint function is to select the edge or fill the 100% black overprint.
â—† Illustrator software should be upgraded to 7.01 or 8.01 to avoid color deviations.
â—† The gradient of the spot color in the file should pay attention to the interpretation of color separation. Please prompt this output center.
◆ In the illustrator file, it is necessary to ascertain whether the layout is based on the layout of the board or the physical layout. When the sub illustrator 8.0 is issued, only the valid image range within the page is printed, and the blank area is not printed. If not specified, the software prints a file size that is different from the customer-defined page size. For example, there is only one 100mm×1OOmm image in an A4-size page, and the printed document is only 100mm×100mm in size.
There are two ways to solve this problem:
1 in the page plus a page with exactly the same size of the border, the color is set to colorless, the software believes that the colorless border is a valid content, it will print the file with the normal size, and because the border is colorless, will not affect the normal The image content.
2 Make adjustments when printing the PS file. In the “Color Separation Settings”, the “Border” settings, including left, right, top, and bottom, ensure “right-left=file width, top-bottom=file height”. , Special Note: If the file does not bleed, the bleeding in the Separation Settings when printing the PS file must be set to Omm.

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