Effect of Improved Steel Bar Weld Seam Value on Steel Bar Crimping Quality

Effect of Improved Steel Bar Weld Seam Value on Steel Bar Crimping Quality

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In order to ensure the welding process requirements, the edge value of seam welding of steel barrels is generally controlled within the range of 8-10 mm. The actual weld width is only about 6 mm. This results in a two-layer lap joint on both sides of the weld (see Figure 1). Although the thickness of the weld is close to the thickness of the plate, it can still be the original two-layer thickness on both sides of it, forming a step. This is an extremely weak link compared to the non-edge. After crimping, leakage is likely to occur here, and it is easy to cause the generation of the rolled edge. From the airtightness test after crimping, the majority of steel drum leakage occurs at the seam welding edge.

Analysis and comparison of foreign and domestic steel barrel seam welding quality, it can be considered that the performance of foreign seam welder is better than the performance of domestic seam welder. Because the steel barrel has a small edge value (about 4 mm), the thickness of the weld after welding is close to the thickness of the plate, and there is no step phenomenon. This ensures the quality of the curling. In order to ensure the quality of the seaming, according to the situation of the domestic seam welding machine, the method of cutting the round seam of the four corners of the barrel can be taken (see Figure 2). At this time, the edge value of both ends is controlled within a range of 3-4 mm. The results show that the requirements of the welding process are satisfied, and the thickness of the lap at both ends of the weld is close to the thickness of the plate and the step is eliminated. This process is beneficial to ensure the quality of the bead and improve the sealing performance of the bead. At the same time, due to the effect of the chamfering angle, the design rigidity of the sealing machine can be reduced and the economy can be improved.

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