Scottish style John Walker whiskey bottle

In 1820, Scotsman John Walker began the first attempt to mix whisky. After John Walker passed away, only 20-year-old Alexander inherited his father’s estate and developed a brand new blend of whisky named “Old Highland Whiskey”, the predecessor of Johnnie Walker’s “Black Card”. In 1867, Alexander registered the ownership of the trademark and designed a tilted trademark and a square bottle to make it shine, creating an unrivalled whisky on the market.

Johnnie Walker's "Blue Brand" whisky is the family's top mellow and has a hundred years of history and craftsmanship. The distinguished appearance of Johnnie Walker's "Blue" whisky followed the 19th century Scottish tradition of craftsmanship and luxury. The traditional square bottle and unique rhombi mark records the century-old tradition of the Johnnie Walker brand; hand-polished to nothing The sturdy dark blue bottle, with its extraordinary golden bottle cap, highlights the luxury of the top Scotch whisky.

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feeding bottle accessories

Bottle accessories include nipple, bottle tong and bottle brush, the necessities of baby daily use.

Nipple, also called teat, is made of food grade silicone, has standard and wide two sizes, suitable for most milk bottles in the markets. According to baby ages, normally have three stages, choose suitable stage for baby.

Bottle tong is made of PP material, when disinfect bottle into boiling water, use tong to take bottle out, in case of scald.

Bottle brush is used of bottle and nipple cleaning, wash and disinfect bottle each time after using, keep it dry and clean.The grooved, no-slip handle helps you reach the bottom of the baby bottle, and features fixed chevron channels in the base for cleaning bottle nipples. The brush is compatible with standard and wide-neck baby bottles.

OEM is possible, use silk printing machine add custom`s logo, customized colors are also available. Let we know your demand, suitable recommendation would be provided within 2 days. Quality is our culture, service is also what we emphasis. Choose us, you just give order, we will do the following all things, keep you posted on order details periodically, and delivery on time.

Feeding Bottle Accessories

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