Paving the floor, pay attention to the moisture-proof decoration, how to make the rainy season

Brush paint road waterproofing

The basic principle of the rainy season is not to paint. The first is wood products. Due to the humidity in the rain and the heavy water vapor, if the wood products are painted, it is easy to wrap the water vapor inside, the surface of the wood products will be cloudy or white, followed by the wall painting, the consequences are more serious, due to Generally, the putty should be scraped before painting. If there is water vapor on the wall, it will cause cracks and other phenomena.

Buy materials road rain

If you choose to buy plates in the rain, be sure to pay attention to rain. In particular, some materials that absorb water easily, such as wood and plasterboard. If it is wet by rain during transportation, the surface will easily retain moisture, and the high humidity in the air will easily cause deformation of the material.

Paving the floor to prevent moisture

It is generally not recommended to lay the floor in the rainy season, mainly because the underground moisture cannot be volatilized in time. If the moisture content of the keel is high, it is easy to cause moisture to be stored. Once in the winter, the moisture in the floor is absorbed by the dry air, which tends to cause deformation or thickening of the floor.

Does it mean that the plum rain period must stop working? of course not. Since many families signed contracts with the decoration company at the beginning of the construction and agreed on the construction period, no one is willing to bear the risk of default. In fact, during the rainy season, as long as attention is paid to the interference of water on the renovation project, some projects can be carried out, such as laying wires, making window covers, and laying laminate flooring. This can avoid the weakness of the decoration during the Meiyu period, and it can be completed on time according to the contract, and the decoration process is really melodious.

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