What kind of door is not easy to deform

Wood is a natural growth material. Due to the difference in the internal structure of the annual rings, it is impossible to make absolutely no deformation. There are usually two ways to reduce the deformation of the wood: one is to use an advanced dry degreasing equipment to dry and degrease the wood, so that when the wet wood becomes a dry usable material, the internal stress is less in the wood; the other is long The material is short-finger jointed (ie, longitudinally integrated, unloading internal stress to reduce deformation), and wide material is glued with narrow material (ie, lateral integration, reducing the deformation by reducing the annual ring of the root). This is the reason why vertical and horizontal (two-dimensional) laminated materials largely replace large-size solid wood materials in daily life.

- Wood is a "sponge body" and "wet up and down" is another attribute. The asymmetry of the wood structure determines that the wet and shrinkage rates of the wood are different. A large number of scientific experiments have shown that the vast majority of wood, the chordwise (circumferential direction) wet ups and downs are doubled in the radial direction (diameter direction), is the longitudinal (tree growth direction) twenty times relationship, and the tensile strength On the contrary, the longitudinal tensile strength of wood is twenty times the relationship between the string and the radial direction. This is the reason why the cross-stacked and viscous wood boards such as plywood have been reduced by a dozen times due to the lateral wet-up and shrinkage rate, and the tensile strength has increased by a factor of ten to replace the solid wood board.

—— Obviously, vertical and horizontal (two-dimensional) laminated materials can solve the deformation problem by replacing large-scale materials, but it still cannot solve the problem of excessive lateral expansion and shrinkage. If the two-layer transverse veneer is glued on the basis of the vertical and horizontal (two-dimensional) laminated materials, the deformation problem is solved, and the lateral wet-up and shrinkage problem is solved. Since the transverse tensile strength is increased by a dozen times, in fact, Solved the problem of lateral cracking and reduced lateral deformability. We call such a laminated material a vertical and horizontal three-dimensional laminated material.

—— Among the indoor wooden decorative materials, the materials expressed in solid wood form have always been the most luxurious and vital. Daisheng solid wood composite products, such as door covers, window covers, wooden doors, etc., are based on vertical and horizontal three-dimensional laminated materials (or two-dimensional vertical and horizontal laminated materials), using the bending pressure (flat pressure) hot pressing process, bonding The processing of precious veneer is widely praised by the majority of owners.

Playsets for Small Yards
With  Golden Childhood, big fun can happen in small spaces! Even if you have a tiny yard, you don`t have to cut corners when it comes to playtime. Our engineers and designers have tested space-saving innovations and equipment for years to come up with innovative outdoor playsets for small yards.
Like all our Playground Equipment, our playsets for small yards have the same safety features you've come to expect from  Golden Childhood,including:
High-quality materials. Small space can still mean big safety. Our small swing sets and playsets are made from 100% solid beam North American Pacific Cedar, just like all our playsets. Cedar is naturally resistant to pests, rot, fungus and other issues that could affect the durability of your play areas. This natural resistance means we don't have to use toxic chemicals to coat and treat our lumber. Solid beam construction means your playsets won't buckle, warp or splinter the way engineered wood can.

Small Play Structures

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