infoPrint4100 Printer: Low Input and High Output

The infoPrint4100 advanced function printing system is a new generation of digital publishing and transactional production output solutions. This continuous printer can produce high-quality images and text that can generally only be produced by a single page printer, and its wide range of applications can be printed on various types of paper. The infoPrint 4100 is highly efficient and has the fastest current electrophotographic printer speed. Because it allows users to use less equipment to achieve greater output in shorter working hours, it can significantly reduce costs.

For corporate print centers that need to print billing statements, the high speed and flexibility of integrated needle-based or needleless printing can reduce the cost of transPromo or publication services, while maintaining the print quality of text, graphics, and images. Higher standards. Similarly, infoPrint4100 is also very suitable for printing services, its wide range of applications, can be used to more quickly print short-run books, technical manuals and paper mailings of different direct mail. The system is equipped with an ultra-high-speed MiCr to provide customers with the flexibility to run all applications at the highest output on the same production platform.

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