Yunxi lever type easy-pull bottle cap favored by Indonesian merchants

Zhou Ensheng, general manager of Indonesia's Sanda Corporation, and his two men once again came to the Yunnan Tin Industry Group to conduct further inspections on the lever-type easy-open bottle caps produced by Yunxi Huiqiang. This is Zhou Ensheng's second visit to Yunxi within a short period of three months.

In November 2009, Zhou Ensheng had an on-site inspection of Yunxi Machinery's machinery and equipment manufacturing and manufacturing processes and processes. During the inspection, he demonstrated the lever-type easy-pull bottle caps developed and manufactured by Yunxi Huiqiang. With keen interest, after returning to Indonesia, Encheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established to specialize in the trade of lever-type easy-to-open pull caps produced by Yunxi Huiqiang, and this time to Yunxi is to further discuss the cooperation in the next step.

On February 3rd, Zhou Ensheng and Director Lin Jiahe of Encheng Enterprises Co., Ltd., responsible for the trading of the leveraged easy-to-reach bottles, accompanied by the general manager Zhang Wei of the Machinery Company and other relevant leaders, again carried out the production line of Yunxi Huiqiang Lever type easy-pull bottle. Detailed site visits.

At the following conference, Yun Xi Huiqiang engineers and technicians answered the questions raised by Zhou Ensheng and others, and detailedly explained the production factors, quality indicators, material certification and other related issues of the lever-type easy-open bottle caps. Both parties agree with the advanced nature of the product. Zhou Ensheng said: "We will bring our samples back to Indonesia, and through the identification and use of professional departments and users, we will carefully record the use of information, and timely feedback our individual needs, coordinate our cooperation, and seek cooperation between both sides to achieve a win-win situation."

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