Development of Novel Sialyl Amylase-induced Color-change Anti-fake Ink

The existence of counterfeit goods has brought great harm to society. Therefore, the application of anti-counterfeiting technology is very important. Ink anti-counterfeiting technology is a kind of anti-counterfeiting technology widely used in the food industry. It is widely used in ticketing, product trademark and packaging printing anti-counterfeiting. The existing anti-counterfeiting technologies have complicated production processes and high costs, and some anti-counterfeit inks require special identification instruments when they are authentic or false, which brings inconvenience to consumers. This project develops and develops a novel saliva amylase-induced color-changing anti-counterfeit ink that overcomes the above shortcomings.

First, the basic principle

First of all, a blue iodine-starch complex was obtained by utilizing the feature of "Iodine-contained starch turning blue". Then the decomposition of the starch by the amylase in saliva is destroyed, the complex is destroyed, the blue color of the complex is subsided, and the anti-counterfeiting reaction from “blue” to “colorless” is achieved. Finally, according to the needs of different inks, the blue complex is added to the ink to obtain a new type of anti-counterfeiting ink.

Second, the experimental steps

The production of the security ink is mainly divided into three steps: esterification activation of starch, blue complex of iodine and activated starch, and blue complex of iodine and activated starch in ink.

Third, the experimental results and discussion

1. Esterification of soluble amylose and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) morphology

Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) observation of the starch morphology before and after esterification showed that the morphology of the starch was changed from smooth particles to coarse grained particles.

2. Product coloring process

The discoloration effect demonstrates that the saliva enzyme in saliva destroys the iodine-starch complex in a very short time. This process of discoloration achieves the requirements of rapidity, simplicity, good specificity, and effective anti-counterfeiting.

Fourth, the experimental conclusion

This article successfully applied enzymatic discoloration chemistry to anti-counterfeiting technology. The developed anti-counterfeiting material can undergo specific color change reactions without special reagents and special instruments. When a consumer purchases a product labeled with the security material, only one drop of saliva is required, and the authenticity of the purchased product can be identified on-site in a few seconds. The anti-counterfeiting material has low production cost, simple process, high technical content, good specificity, and is not easy to be forged. After being simply mixed with the water-soluble ink, the printing anti-counterfeiting on the product packaging or the label can be realized. The results obtained by the Institute have not been reported at home and abroad and it is of great significance.

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