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As the spring blossoms, and as the days go by, the weather is getting better and better. Most pretenders who love outdoor sports have long been unable to hold their excitement and arrange a small holiday for themselves as soon as possible. To experience the infinite beauty of the outdoors. If you plan to go out and play, you should make detailed preparations for your trip. Here, Greenfield Outdoors introduced a three-person double camping tent from KAILAS to its asses. The KAILAS double tent weighs 2.6kg and is a double-deck tent. The tent with a market price of RMB 1280 has up to six colors of blue, fluorescent green, and red, adding more choices for you.

KAILAS Camping Three Seasons Tent Showcase

KAILAS double camping account material use

KAILAS double tents are also quite fine in fabric selection. On the tent's purse, a 210T super-sprayed PU5000mm hydraulic pressure was used, as well as a tear-proof, super-light polyester embossed rice-plaid fabric. The combination of these two materials creates the tent's superior water resistance and practicality, making it a safe haven for you even in a changing and complex outdoor environment. The inner account is made of 190T breathable cloth and high density fine-spun fine-spun gauze. The combination of these two guarantees the circulation of the air inside the account at any time and avoids any feeling of boredom in the account, thereby enhancing the comfort of use. The bottom of the account is 210T wear-resistant polyester fabric. This material not only enhances its own toughness, increases its service life, but also has a waterproof index of 10000mm water pressure, even on wet ground in heavy rain, it can also be You provide a dry, comfortable place.

The pole of the tent is made of 8.5mm high-strength aluminum poles. This material guarantees practicality. At the same time, tent nails are made of hexagonal nails made of aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy material avoids the disadvantages of rust and increases the service life of the nail.

KAILAS double tent design

The KAILAS camp tent has a double-layered design. It provides excellent windproof, rainproof, and breathable performance for outdoor sports. It provides you with a comfortable sheltered place while ensuring these functions. Breathability and no feeling of discomfort in a hot weather tent. The use of internal accounts to help kill the net structure, also has a good air circulation effect, not only helps to enhance their breathability, but also can prevent outdoor mosquito bites phenomenon.

The tent is sturdy and can be seen from its accessories and construction process. KAILAS tents have adopted a double-bar aluminum cross structure and the KAILAS patented fasteners are used at the top to make the structure more stable. In addition, the exterior-mounted design makes it easy, simple, and easy to set up, which can help you to easily build in the outdoors in the shortest possible time. The design of 13 ground studs in eight directions has firmly secured the tent. Even in bad weather conditions, there is no need to worry that it will suffer any damage and make you fearless. At the same time, this design can effectively separate the internal and external accounts and avoid condensation.

KAILAS camping tents for the three seasons

The front door of the tent adopts a double zipper and opens the door, which not only increases the space for entering and leaving the tent, but also can be picked up by trekking poles, thus expanding into a front door awning and expanding its use area without causing any problems for you. Sense of crowdedness. The enhanced version of the front door patented design can be opened in both directions to form a front window, but also to enhance the air permeability of the tent itself. The back of the tent is a unit zipper auxiliary door, which can store equipment and make it easy to travel. It can be said that both functions can have both.

KAILAS camping three season tent door design

KAILAS camping three quarter tent details show

KAILAS double tents are equipped with a breathable window that can be closed on both sides of the tent. It can be opened or closed at any time according to the needs of the outdoors. It is convenient and quick. The four corners of the tent, rain cover, door collection belt and windproof rope are all made of reflective material, which provides more convenience for night use.

Find a good weather about friends, girlfriends, set up tents outdoors to enjoy the fresh feelings of honor in nature, at night to be able to share the sky with the comet. KAILAS double tents provide you with a better and more comfortable outdoor experience with high quality and excellent performance, enabling you to enjoy the fun of nature.

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