How much is the difference in furniture prices?

A mahogany four-door clothes cabinet, the market price from 4000 yuan to 30,000 yuan or 10 million range ...... are "mahogany", why the price gap so large? The guides all said that their furniture is made of "solid wood", but how many of them are real solid wood?

Ironwood, hardwood counterfeit mahogany

The mahogany furniture that is tens of thousands of yuan is placed in the home to preserve both value and face. However, there are not many furniture that can really make a full mahogany. There are two kinds of counterfeit mahogany on the market, one is iron wood and the other is hardwood. The so-called iron wood is a kind of hard wood, quite heavy. After being made into furniture, it is difficult for many consumers to distinguish the mahogany furniture according to the weight and hardness. Ironwood is generally used in the sleepers of moving containers, and there is no deformation even if the container is pressed on it. As for hardwood, the main color is very similar. Hardwood is generally used as a filling wood, placed in the middle of the material, and then on the outer bread with red veneer.

In the traditional sense, mahogany, in addition to China's native production, also comes from India, Malaysia, Indonesia and other surrounding areas. Nowadays, many wood materials are produced in Europe and Africa. Although these wood materials are the same as traditional Chinese redwood wood species, they differ greatly in quality, structure and time, and the price is not the same.

Some businesses are also "working hard" in the name. For example, red sandalwood, ebony and the like to impersonate mahogany, and in the national standard regulations, only eight types of goods can be called mahogany: rosewood, rosewood, fragrant wood, black rosewood, red Rosewood, ebony, striped ebony, chicken wing wood.

"Solid wood furniture" is "solid wood skin"

Not only expensive mahogany furniture is hidden, but some so-called "solid wood furniture" is not entirely solid wood. According to the reader, Mr. He reflected that he had purchased a set of "solid wood furniture". He accidentally took off the corners during the handling process. The result was shocked: "Lizi" is very different from "face". "Lizi" is not solid wood, but medium fiber. Solid wood veneer.

"The so-called solid wood furniture is not only the furniture made of pure solid wood that everyone thinks. The 'solid wood furniture' in the business mouth includes at least three kinds: all solid wood, solid wood and solid wood veneer." Insiders said that now the furniture is stained with " The word "solid wood", the price soared immediately.

It is understood that when individual merchants mark, they often simply label the main material as “solid wood”, and their so-called “main material” only includes the main frame and main panel of the furniture. But if this is the case, more than 70% of the materials in a piece of furniture are auxiliary materials. According to the "General Technical Conditions for Wood Furniture", the main material of the furniture includes more than 90% of the materials. When the business is selling, it is lighter to avoid, and the most valuable wood in the furniture is used as a raw material for this piece of furniture, which is confusing.

Foreign furniture is actually "made in China"

Sales of imported furniture in a shopping mall, the reporter saw sales of a indicated that it is "imported from Germany," the bed, the German designer style, but some parts are assembled bed imported from Germany; mattress , bed frames etc. are manufactured and assembled in China.

Such furniture, which is not a whole, is imported, and the so-called "foreign furniture" that is assembled in China is labeled as "all imported".

At present, there are usually three common methods of “falsing” imported furniture in the market: First, domestic enterprises buy low-priced “foreign brands” that have closed down or are on the verge of bankruptcy, and then go back to China to make hype, and make it an international "Brand"; the other is to register a new brand abroad, and then through the above process, can create a "famous brand"; the third is to first export the domestically produced furniture to foreign countries, and then re-import to the mainland for sale .

What is the red cat home?

Redwood species have long growth cycles and scarce resources and have always been regarded as high-grade wood. In recent years, the prices of mahogany raw materials and mahogany furniture have been rising, and the mahogany furniture market is mixed, and ordinary consumers are difficult to distinguish between true and false, and many consumers are deceived.

Cat tired of crossing the sea

According to the relevant standards, the sales label of mahogany furniture should include: product name, specification model, place of origin, name of the manufacturer, main material, auxiliary materials, lacquer quality, quality grade, product standard number, number of matching parts, pricing unit, and sales price.

However, many merchants have less or no standard content on the standard. Some brands of mahogany furniture, the label not only lacks the name of the manufacturer, quality grade, paint quality and other information, even the most basic materials are not explained. In addition, although the product name, main material, unit, place of origin and price are marked on the sales label, basic information such as the quality level and the number of parts is missing.

Cat tired two shoddy

Even if the mahogany furniture is of the same type of wood, the price varies greatly depending on the specific material and the place of production. For example, in the red rosewood, "Flour Dalbergia" and "Siandu Dalbergia", the former is mainly produced in South America, the latter is mainly produced in the Southeast Asian Peninsula, due to different growth environments and different types of materials. The difference, like the yellow rosewood, is mostly yellow, while the color of the sapwood is thicker, purple red or dark red.

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