Glazing process and classification

The glazing process of printed products generally includes coating and calendering of the glazing coating. The application of glazing coatings, in a certain way, applies a layer of lacquer coating evenly over the surface of the prints. Commonly used coating methods include spray coating, printing coating, and glazing coating machine coating.

Spray coating is manual operation. Its working speed is slow and coating quality is poor. However, it is easy to operate and flexible. It is suitable for the coating of prints with small batches and rough surface.

Printing coating is generally a coating device that has been modified for use as a gloss coating. Compared with manual spray painting, this method has better quality and higher production efficiency. It can use existing printing equipment and can be used in one machine for two purposes. It is easy to use and is suitable for general medium and small-sized printing factories. However, solvent-type glazing coatings should be used. During the operation, care should be taken to ensure that the viscosity of the coating is relatively stable and a certain amount of coating must be controlled.

Special coating coater coating can realize accurate control of coating amount. The coating quality is stable and reliable, and it is suitable for coating coating of various grades of printed matter. It is currently the most common coating method.

The coating quality requirements for coating are: coating on the coating surface should be uniform, suitable coating amount, good leveling, and a certain degree of adhesion with the print surface. After applying the gloss coating on the surface of the print, it is usually required to be calendered by the calender. Calender calendering can change the surface state of a dried glazing coating to form an ideal mirror surface.

The glazing process can be comprehensively classified according to different ways: according to the glazing method, it can be divided into an offline glazing process and an on-line glazing process; the glazing coating can be divided into an oxidative polymerization coating glazing, a solvent evaporation coating glazing, and light Curing paint coating and heat-curing coating coating; according to the product can be divided into full-cap glazing, local glazing, extinction and artistic glazing; according to the print input method can be divided into manual feeding and automatic feeding.

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