Weekly news inventory: furniture new regulations implementation industry reflection

This week's news summary: This week's news focuses on the new furniture regulations Lu Dingji, the new national standard for children's furniture and the implementation of the new standard of mahogany furniture has brought certain impact to the furniture industry. At the same time, reflections on industry promotions and price wars continue.

News keywords this week: furniture, children's furniture, new national standard, price war, promotion

One week news count:

First, in August 2012, the "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture" was issued.

This standard specifies the terms and definitions of children's furniture, general requirements, safety requirements, warning signs, test methods, inspection rules and signs, instructions for use, packaging, transportation and storage.

Second, Hebei Family Association Li Fengqi: The new national standard is imperative to accelerate the industry reshuffle

The introduction of new national standards for various furniture can be described as a big event in the furniture industry. What kind of impact will this have on the furniture market in Hebei Province? Ms. Li Fengqi, Chairman of Hebei Furniture Association, explained how to interpret the implementation of the new national standard.

Third, the implementation of the new national standard for children's furniture and mahogany furniture is to be strengthened

Since August 1 this year, children's furniture and mahogany furniture have begun to implement the new national standard. The reporter recently found in the urban furniture market that the performance of the two areas is not the same, some children's furniture manufacturers have launched products that meet the new national standard, and some are still selling old standard products; compared with children's furniture "Inconsistent hot and cold", mahogany furniture is more "indifferent" 17173, most businesses do not know about the new national standard.

Fourth, the "promotion of Shantou" integrity who pays for consumers "pay"

Recently, I learned from the online e-commerce channel that the prices of home appliances in the major electronic malls on the Internet are extremely low. All the big stores have advertised their prices as the lowest price. At one time, the home appliance market and the major home appliances stores are full of voices, and voices are heard. The voices of the debates and the wait-and-see attitudes abound, and the addiction of an "eyeball economy" is like the feeling of rain in the east of the east, and the rest of the voice can only sigh by itself.

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