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The autumn climate is comfortable, and it is also an excellent season for climbing. Lovers who love the outdoors and love mountaineering often choose to go outdoors in autumn. Choosing a comfortable pair of hiking shoes is particularly important in mountain climbing. In 2012 Kolumb launched a new comfortable, wearable professional hiking shoe that is suitable for outdoor new donkeys and strong donkeys. The new hiking shoes are divided into black coffee and walnut colors, with a good shock absorption, anti-skid, wear, waterproof, breathable and other functions, and each pair of shoes with a weight of 1000g can also reduce the burden on the feet, so that Out of the lighter footsteps.

Kolumb professional hiking shoes

New soles for climbing shoes

The soles of Kolumb's new professional hiking shoes are equipped with powerful technology and are suitable for heavy-duty mountaineering.

The material of the sole—the outsole of the hiking shoe adopts two kinds of hard and soft rubbers with different hardness. The hard rubber is mainly used to improve the grip and abrasion resistance of the sole, and the soft rubber makes the shoes have better anti-slip properties. performance. The midsole has a double-density EVA that can effectively meet the needs of shock absorption and wear resistance, while also possessing good toughness. At the same time, the interior of the midsole also uses a track design to enhance the flexibility of the shoes during the exercise.

Sole details show

Sole design - The new climbing shoes are designed to ensure that the feet enjoy 360 degrees of safety protection. In particular, the X-type anti-twist design is used to upgrade the in-line anti-twist bar to increase the safety during exercise. Sex. The horizontal and vertical two-way bottom flower arrangement of the shoe sole can also play the role of lateral grip braking on the downhill side while ensuring that the front and rear grip is not slippery.

Insole - Microporous moisture-absorbing and quick-drying insole with a gradual print design, highlighting the fashion and sports sense. 90-degree rigid TPU arch template, bottom groove anti-sliding design plus 3D stereo bracket design, so that the insole tightly affixed to the soles of the feet, enhance the stability of the shoes during exercise.

Other designs for new hiking shoes

Heel - The heel has a sturdy heel design that provides good support and protection for the heel. The Oxford cloth is used at the heel of the heel to enhance the breathability and wear resistance of the shoes, and to strengthen the heel loop, thereby fixing the foot shape and stabilizing the ankle.

Heel design of shoes

Lace - Concave-convex lacing design has a good anti-slip effect, can effectively prevent the fall of the shoelace in outdoor sports. The nuanced design of the shoe tongue reflects the collaborative spirit of the tongue and shoelace, providing a stronger fixation for the feet in outdoor sports.

Tie system for climbing shoes

Upper material—The high-density anti-degum mesh used in the upper has the characteristics of comfort, light weight, breathability, and good toughness, which ensures the shoes' ability to resist deformation and tear.

Kolumb professional climbing shoes side show

In the autumn season, those who love the outdoors may wish to pick a comfortable hiking shoe and go outdoor to experience the fresh air.


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