The characteristics of commonly used printing paper

Coated paper Coated paper, also called coated paper, is produced by coating a white paste on a base paper and calendering it. Paper surface is smooth, whiteness is high, paper fiber is distributed evenly, thickness is uniform, stretchability is small, there is good elasticity and strong surface smoothness, high whiteness, paper fiber distribution is uniform, thickness is consistent, and stretchability Small, with good elasticity and strong water resistance and tensile properties, very good ink absorption and receiving conditions.
Coated paper is mainly used to print pictures, covers, postcards, exquisite product samples, and color trademarks. Coated paper printing pressure should not be too large, to use offset printing ink and light ink. To prevent the back of the dirty, you can use anti-dirty course agents, dusting and other methods. Coated paper has two types of single and double sided.
Weight: 70,80,100,105,115,120,128,150,157,180,200,210,240,250 g/m2, of which: 105,115,128,157 (g/m2) imported paper specifications More flat paper specifications: 648 × 853, 787 × 970,787 × 1092 (currently no roll paper). 889×1194 is a fine-grained, smooth, printed newspaper, photo album, and poster for imported newspaper papers.
Weight: 65, 90, 120 (g/m2)
Tablet size: 690×960,787×1092
Written paper Written paper, also known as book paper, is the paper used to print the cover of a book. Written paper is pigmented in paper, with gray, blue, beige and other colors.
Weight: 80,100,120 (g/m2)
Tablet size: 690×960,787×1092

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