National Day: Beverage Bottles and Mineral Water Bottles into Scenic Area Challenges

In the Golden Week of the 11th, for this long holiday, many people will plan well and add free tolls on the expressway this year, making the entire tourism market even hotter. However, this year we discovered that many problems have emerged behind the hot tourism market. One of the major problems is the recycling of rubbish. The large amount of waste discarded in the area not only destroys the environment, but also brings a lot of work to the sanitation workers.

When people go out to play, they often drink beverages and mineral water. Therefore, beverage bottles and mineral water bottles have become the focus of scenic waste. Although people’s awareness of environmental protection has continued to increase and people’s quality has improved in recent years, active recovery rates for beverage bottles and mineral water bottles have increased. However, due to the unreasonable setting of trash cans in scenic areas, crowded people during over the festive period, and other factors, beverage bottles and Mineral water bottles are still largely abandoned in the area. In this regard, we hope to improve this problem in many ways. First, improve the carrying of waste beverage bottles. We all know that sometimes people go out or in the area because they haven't found a trash can for a short time. Vacant beverage bottles are very inconvenient to carry. If an empty beverage bottle has an improved structure that facilitates compression and squeezing, it is more conducive to carrying and can avoid a lot of random discarding behavior. Secondly, it is very important for a reasonable bin to be set up to facilitate the discarding of discarded beverage bottles and mineral water bottles. This is also the responsibility of the relevant departments. Once again, the research and innovation of new raw materials for mineral water bottles and beverage bottles is very important. The emergence of biodegradable plastic bottles is more conducive to fundamental solutions.

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