Makeup artist teaches 4 concealer secrets - teach you how to make makeup

Sometimes, MMs will encounter various problems when concealing, and in the end, they will always conceal and conceal. Some netizens have cast out 4 concealing problems that often appear, and today Xiaobian invites the stylist Lu Xuanming to answer the questions encountered in the makeup concealer, so that you will not ask for help.

Makeup artist teaches 4 concealer secrets - teach you how to make makeup

1. What should I do if the honey powder becomes more obvious after the concealer?

The stylist's trick: the powder on the powder is wrong, it is easy to make the original concealed sorrow again! Concealed makeup is not recommended with a loose powder brush! If you use a loose powder brush to swipe your makeup, it will destroy the concealer “point”. The most perfect way is to use a "fleece-like big puff", stick the loose powder and tap it after the whole part is tapped. Remember not to use the smear method.

TIPS: First, the powder puff of the rice flour is flicked twice on the back of the hand to remove the floating powder, so that the makeup effect is good.

Second, how to make up the concealer after makeup removal?

Stylist's trick: Normal makeup time is usually 3 hours after makeup, the concealer needs special treatment. The method of applying makeup in the concealer area is to use the "pen" head of the makeup brush to push open the original concealer, then press the appress with the finger, suck the grease of the concealer part with the blotting paper, and finally select the concealer suitable for the skin color. After concealing, you can use the plush powder to pounce your makeup again.

TIPS: Choose a soft and good quality facial tissue instead of blotting paper, and absorb the shine without taking the foundation.

Makeup artist teaches 4 concealer secrets - teach you how to make makeup

Third, the face concealer acne area skin unevenness how to do?

The stylist's trick: the acne in the flaky area is prone to unevenness of the makeup. First, choose a concealer that is lighter than your own skin, and cover it one by one. Every acne must be pressed after concealing. paste. Then unify a large piece of concealer that covers the same color as the skin. It is best to use a tap to avoid destroying the first layer of concealer. Finally, you can put on the powder.

TIPS: With the hand, use the concealer brush, the makeup artist has their own love, in fact, depending on your acne situation, if you are close to the acne, the concealer brush will be better, because the finger A bit wide, there is no way to be so accurate, but if your acne is not so dense, the advantage of the finger is that you can be more docile.

4. How fast and perfect concealer every morning?

Stylist's tricks: Many adolescent classmates will have large areas of small acne on their faces. If they are concealed one by one, it will be a waste of time. After the face is cleaned, apply a thin layer of isolation evenly! Find out the liquid foundation that suits your skin tone, then find out the loose powder and take a small amount and add it to the liquid foundation. After adjusting evenly, apply the face to the bottom. You will find that the concealing power becomes stronger. >>>佟丽娅褐色美妆绎野性优雅妆

TIPS: Spray some moisturizing water first, so that your foundation is more affluent and concealer is easier.

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