Synthetic Raceway Examination and Appraisal Measures for China Track and Field Association Track and Field (Trial)

In order to meet the high-speed development of China’s track and field venues, to meet the needs of holding high-level track and field competitions and to carry out mass athletics, to standardize the use of track and field venues and ensure the quality of track and field venues, the Chinese Athletic Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) refers to the International Association of Athletics Associations. (hereinafter referred to as "the IAAF) certification system procedures, according to China's national conditions and the formulation of these Measures.


1. Validation role

1.1 Ensure that the synthetic runways produced in China comply with the IAAF standards, protect the health of users, and promote enterprises to carry out technological development and innovation.

1.2 Standardize, manage and supervise the development of the synthetic track industry in track and field venues.

2. Validation basis

2.1 Rules of the International Track and Field Association Athletics Contest (2004-2005)

2.2 "International Association of Athletics Associations Certification System Procedures" (2002)

2.3 "International Association of Athletics Associations Track and Field Facilities and Facilities Manual" (2003)

3. Validation process

3.1 Application

3.1.1 Any person who has legal personality, has more than five track and field venues (more than Class II and Class II) in the two years prior to the application date. The track and field company has passed the acceptance certificate issued by the China Athletics Association, as well as a strong production base with a production base. Enterprises with high technological content of products may apply to the association in written form for approval and provide the following materials: Validation returns (see Annex); Copy of business license; product certification; physical property testing report issued by the designated laboratory of China Athletics Association; necessary product pictures, samples and technical data; A photocopy of the acceptance certificate for the track and field venue for the Chinese track and field association.

3.2 Validation

3.2.1 After the association has passed the examination of the above application materials and samples, it will send a notice of the examination and payment to the applicant company.

3.2.2 After confirming that the applicant company has sent samples (or technical data) and paid the fees for the validation, the Association will evaluate the synthetic runway products in accordance with relevant standards and technical requirements.

3.2.3 When necessary, the association may request the applicant to provide products on the production line or on the construction site, and the designated laboratory of the association shall carry out the test again. The required cost is borne by the applicant company.

3.2.4 The Synthetic Runway Testing Laboratory designated by the China Athletic Association is as follows:

East China University of Science and Technology Synthetic Runway Testing Laboratory (can be tested according to the IAAF standards and national standards, respectively)

Address: Runway Building, East China University of Science and Technology, No. 130 Meixi Road, Shanghai Postcode: 200237

telephone / fax

The National Sports Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (which can be tested in accordance with national standards; it can be tested according to the IAAF standards after it has the testing instruments of the IAAF standard).

Address: No. 368 Gongnong Road, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China Postcode: 050051

telephone / fax

3.3 Validation result and validation certificate

3.3.1 The association conducts audit evaluation based on all the data involved in the validation and the review opinions of the experts and relevant units in the validation process. Qualified companies issued certification certificates.

3.3.2 The contents of the certification certificate include: the serial number of the certificate, the name of the manufacturer of the product, the registered trademark of the product, the name and type of the product, the date of issuance and the period of validity of the certificate, the name of the issuing authority, and the seal.

3.3.3 The validation certificate is valid for two years from the date of approval. After the validity period expires, the company must apply for a new approval.

3.3.4 During the validation period, the validation certificate and its serial number can be used in the relevant materials for the certification company and the corresponding synthetic runway. However, a distinction must be made between the synthetic track that has been validated and the synthetic track that has not yet been verified.

3.3.5 During the validation period, if the company publicizes the compound runway approved by the association, it may mark the “accepted by the China Athletics Association” on the publicity material, but it must also indicate the certification certificate number.

3.3.6 The certification certificate shall not be forged, altered, loaned, rented or transferred. In addition to suspending or withdrawing its certification certificate and ordering it to take corrective measures, the offender shall pursue his legal responsibilities when necessary.

3.4 Control and Monitoring

3.4.1 In order to ensure that the synthetic runway obtained with the certificate is in accordance with the validation standard, the Association will conduct irregular monitoring of the performance indicators of all the audited synthetic runways through spot sampling and review.

3.4.2 When a synthetic runway product that has obtained an approval certificate does not meet the validation criteria, the association may withdraw the certification certificate and formally notify the company and all association members of the association.

3.4.3 A certificate-holding company that has objections to the withdrawal of the certificate of the Association may, within 30 days from the date of the association's formal notification of withdrawal of the certificate of approval, present to the association evidence and instructions not to withdraw the certificate.

3.4.4 Any enterprise that has been withdrawn from the certification certificate may apply for certification again after it has been effectively rectified in one year. After the association is re-validated, it can be re-approved for a period of one year.

3.4.5 Synthetic runways that have obtained a certificate of approval and are in the period of validity are affected by changes in the “International Federation of Athletics Federations Athletics Rules” or “International Association of Athletics Associations Manual on Site Facilities Standards” if there is a need to modify, alter or alter the synthetic track At that time, the company must submit a new certification application and test report of the designated laboratories of the association to the association, and the original certificate will continue to be valid after the association is re-validated.

3.4.6 Any changes that may affect the approved synthetic runway validation results due to the company's own reasons should be notified in writing to the association and provide the association with the necessary information or samples to determine whether the synthetic runway still meets the validation criteria. The resulting costs are borne by the company.

3.4.7 The Association will publish the list of synthetic track approved by the Association to all member associations and publish it in the magazine of Track and Field and the official website of the China Athletics Association.

4 Charges

4.1 Synthetic runway certification fees of China Athletics Association include: processing applications, auditing materials, certificate production and other costs involved in the validation process.

4.2 The cost of synthetic track certification is 50,000 yuan each.

4.3 In a single application, the audit fee for the first synthetic runway of the same company is 50,000 yuan. After that, the cost of a synthetic runway is 30,000 yuan. The expenses of the members of the China Athletics Association’s venue equipment committee for the validation of the synthetic track are RMB 40,000 and RMB 20,000, respectively.

5. This measure is interpreted and modified by the China Athletics Association.

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