Couple sues furniture store owner claim

The young Xiao’s couple had just checked in the new house and the formaldehyde was seriously exceeded. They believed that the new furniture in the house was the culprit. They sued the furniture store owner for the claim. Yesterday, the Shunyi Court heard the case.

Mr. Xiao and his wife claimed that in February this year, they bought a TV cabinet, a bed and other furniture from Jiang’s furniture store for a total of 6,240 yuan. After the furniture was put into the new house for more than a month, they stayed, and the results showed dizziness, nausea, nose bleeding, stomach aches, decreased immunity and frequent colds. They commissioned the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision to test that the air and cabinets in the house were all over-standard.

Mr. Xiao said that when Jiang sold furniture, he said that it was environmentally friendly furniture, but it was not. He believed that Jiang was fraudulent. They sued Jiang for returning 6240 yuan, compensation of 6,240 yuan, and compensation for testing fees and transportation expenses of 1,870 yuan. Fee 5,000 yuan and so on.

In the court, Jiang denied the fraud, saying that the furniture he sold was graded. Mr. Xiao’s couple were cheap, and they chose low-grade furniture. He also believes that the house has been renovated during the inspection, and it cannot be proved that the furniture he sold exceeds the standard.

Mr. Xiao and his wife said that their home was renovated at the end of December 2011. After two months of buying furniture, they were all tiled. The wall was painted with brand-name wall paint. The rest were curtains. It was impossible to exceed the standard. .

The case is no court verdict.

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