Color high-speed inkjet printing machine "unlimited prospects"

According to a research report released by Info Trends Research, there were only 20 color high-speed inkjet printers in use worldwide in 2006, and more than 200 in 2010. It is estimated that by the end of 2013, more than 500 color high-speed inkjet printers will be put into use. Color high-speed inkjet printers equipped with paper feeders have created new market opportunities due to their productivity, operating costs and print quality.

Color high-speed inkjet printers began to emerge in 2000, and by 2007, as more suppliers and more diverse devices entered the market, high-speed inkjet printing has grown rapidly.

The increased performance of color high-speed inkjet printers has given it a broader market prospect. According to Info Trends, by 2015, color high-speed inkjet printing will occupy 40% of the color digital printing market, becoming a fast-growing technology field in the printing industry. The quality and cost advantages brought about by technological advances are only part of the reason for the rapid growth of color high-speed inkjet printing. The degree of matching between printing applications and equipment performance will be the key factor for color high-speed inkjet printers to meet order demand and ensure corporate profit growth, and thus win the market.

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