Automatic paper pick-up troubleshooting for the zero-speed automatic paper machine

There are several main types of automatic paper failure:

1. The paper storage library is reduced to the minimum, and the reason for the failure of the paper to break the paper may be as follows:

(1) Since the paper-taking braking force is too small, the time for completing the paper-feeding is too long, causing the paper-storage paper to run out and the paper to be broken. The paper feed brake voltage should be adjusted appropriately.

(2) Accelerated motor acceleration is not enough. When the line speed of the new paper roll drops to the lowest level, the printing speed cannot be reached, and the paper is broken. Appropriately increase the clutch pressure and check if the acceleration clutch clearance is too large.

(3) There is a mechanical failure between the brake electromagnet and the brake friction plate. That is, in the state where the brake electromagnet is de-energized, the friction between the brake electromagnet and the brake friction plate is too large, so that the acceleration motor cannot work. The speed of the paper roll is increased to the printing speed.

2. Zero speed paper machine has no automatic paper picking action

Confirm whether the PLC can receive the photoelectric signal and the photoelectric signal for preparing the paper, and check and clean the prepared photoelectric plate and the photoelectric reflection plate, so that the PLC can receive the signal smoothly, thus starting the automatic paper receiving process.

3. The active paper storage library runs unevenly during the descent process, causing the paper tape to be broken.

During the paper-feeding process, the tension of the paper comes from the transitional tension provided by the clutch of the active paper storage. In this case, the clutch of the active paper storage library should be checked for proper clutching.

4. The new paper roll has a paper return phenomenon just after the paper is picked up.

(1) If paper return occurs on the upper or lower roll, check the brake solenoid and brake lining of the upper or lower roll for mechanical wear.

(2) If paper return occurs on both the upper and lower rolls, the acceleration motor clutch air pressure must be appropriately lowered on the control panel.

5. After the paper is completed, the active paper storage library cannot automatically rise to the height when the paper machine is working.

Check that the potentiometer on the active paper storage tray and the zero position are correct.

For the zero-speed automatic paper machine, it is not terrible to have a fault. It is good to observe and analyze, find out the cause of the fault, and take corresponding solutions.

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