Demystifying different types of masks to keep you hydrated

In autumn and winter, moisturizing and moisturizing are required. Many skin care people have purchased moisturizing masks. How do you choose so many types of masks in the market? Let's take a look at the different types of masks for everyone to bring different moisturizing in autumn and winter.

1, mud mask

Features: anti-inflammatory, fine pores

Disadvantages: adhesion of pores, inconvenient cleaning

The history of skin care with mud can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome. The etchings at that time portrayed people in the mud bathing and applying mud to the skin. The mud mask contains rich and balanced minerals, which can reduce inflammation, sterilize and remove oil, inhibit the deterioration of acne, and make the pores more detailed. These minerals and trace elements also nourish the skin and nourish the skin.

Secret different types of masks let you hold your skin

Paste Mask Recommended: Borghese Mineral Nutrition Mud Film

Borghese's unique formula, from the volcanic mud of Tuskenny, Italy, is rich in mineral essence, deeply nourishes and activates the skin of the face and body. Its special effect absorption function deeply removes the dirt inside the pores, leaving the skin feeling moist and firm, full of elasticity.

2, milk mask

Features: Extremely moisturizing skin

Disadvantages: too thick and sticky

"Water, transparent, bright" is the strength of the cream mask. Moisturizing and moisturizing are the most important functions. Creamy masks usually require some highly absorbent ingredients to match the oil with a lubricious and water-locking texture to achieve a "full" look. Creamy masks usually use macromolecular moisturizing ingredients that are difficult to absorb in the skin, instead of easily absorbed small molecule moisturizing ingredients, to achieve a more visible visual effect.

Secret different types of masks let you hold your skin

Milky Mask Recommended: Dior Dior Revitalizing Mask

When your skin is tired, tired, and lacking in vitality, you need a true “clear muscle care”: a new intensive repairing essence mask that removes cellular molecular toxins and gives the skin a deep revitalization.

3, jelly mask

Features: cool, calm skin

Disadvantages: moisturizing effect is not obvious

In appearance, the jelly mask is the most visually appealing. They are usually as bright and translucent as glass, with a hint of fruit, while stimulating taste and smell. Especially in the summer, it is really good to calm the skin after sunburn. Its cold touch feels like it can drive away the heat in the body.

Secret different types of masks let you hold your skin

Jelly mask recommended: Niu Erna Luke NARUKO Huanren Xue Er Xue skin whitening night night frozen film

The external damage during the day is ubiquitous. For the skin exposed to the sun all day, the irritations and injuries that need to be exposed need to be eliminated every day during the nighttime repair period of gold. "The scorpion snow whitening night whitening film" It is a whitening soothing formula that uses a lot of licorice extract and vitamin C glycoside to relieve the damage accumulated by the skin during the day, especially the pigmentation and pigmentation caused by the sun, with good blemishes and soothing. It has a moisturizing conditioning effect and achieves a comprehensive and comprehensive repair effect at night, and the skin is more healthy and even.

4, paste mask

Features: convenient and fast

Disadvantages: the fit is not high, the water is easy to suck

A non-woven fabric is a collection of concentrated essence, which is a paste mask, which is convenient and quick, and avoids the trouble of cleaning dirty. Is there such a perfect mask shape, is there no "soft rib"? There is also, that is, "fitness." If you don't wear it, the skin effect will be compromised, especially the cleaning effect. Fortunately for this shortcoming, we can improve it by massage techniques, improving the cutting process, upgrading the film material, and developing the essence formula.

Secret different types of masks let you hold your skin

Paste Mask Recommended: Paris L'Oreal Relief and Lifting Elastic Mask

As the first elastic mask with compact and lifting effect, it adopts a new generation of elastic stretch fabric, which is soft to the touch, has good elasticity and ductility, and can stretch and accurately fit the entire face. Its tailoring is also more suitable for Asian faces. Perfect fit to allow active ingredients to penetrate the skin. >>>Rescue dark circles problem See essential oils and eye cream big PK

TIPS: Sometimes we find that despite the many masks applied, the effect is not significant. In fact, there are some tips to pay attention to before applying the face. Generally, after the shower or hot towel is applied to the face, the pores are opened. At this time, the mask will be better and easy to absorb. At the same time, after taking the mask paper, some essence will be left on the face, and the massage can help the skin absorb the nutrients.

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