Creative embodiment and preparation of packaging design

Embodiment of packaging creativity: Packaging design is an indispensable part and external form of modern goods. Creative packaging design is not only a beautiful coat for products entering the market. At the same time, it is also an effective means of realizing commodity value and use value. Successful packaging design must contain some creative elements. What is creativity? This is a simple and complex problem.

Creativity is a good idea, a good idea, and shows its newness and uniqueness. The "creation" in the creativity is explained by the "creation--". "Italian" means "new, creative". The manifestation of packaging design creativity is multi-faceted. It can be embodied in specific aspects such as packaging materials, packaging forms, packaging structure, packaging brand fonts, packaging graphics, packaging colors, packaging arrangement and so on. Packaging design belongs to the art of visual communication. It seeks to be visually original and aesthetic. At the same time, it must be clear and informative. Without a clear and informative visual form of creative performance, its creativity cannot reflect the commercial value of packaging. Around the function of packaging-dissemination of information.

Creative preparation for packaging design: creativity embodies an innovation. Innovation is the source of human society's development and an inexhaustible driving force for artistic progress, innovation, and change. Packaging design serves business, facing a fiercely competitive market and discerning consumers. Only creative product packaging can have sales force, appeal, and conquer the market to win consumers' favor. Creativity is the soul of design and the premise of successful design. Excellent creativity comes from the designer's keen market insight and positive thinking, knowledge accumulation and rich experience. Creativity is a magic weapon for packaging design success.

However, packaging design creativity is a restricted creative activity, (such as the basic size and shape of the packaging, the customer's subjective opinions, packaging costs, packaging processing technology restrictions, etc.) how to create freedom in the constraints, under limited conditions Doing unlimited thinking is a long-term work that every designer must work hard to explore.

Before carrying out specific ideas for packaging, we must first fully understand the enterprises and products that produce goods, generally from three aspects:
1. The basic situation of the market, such as the market characteristics and potential of the product, competitors, etc .;
2. The basic situation of the consumer group, such as the age, economic income, and cultural quality of the consumer group;
3. The basic situation of market-related products and their own products (such as whether new products are launched or old products are changed to packaging) includes brand image and popularity, favorability, trust, product price, quality, sales methods, etc.

After extensive understanding, the designer can make full use of personal imagination and creativity based on the materials he has mastered, and make preliminary creative ideas. After further repeated scrutiny, improvement and development, the final point of creativity is finally determined. In general, the creative goals of packaging should firmly establish the "people-oriented" idea. Lao Tzu once said: the reason is big, the sky is big, the earth is big, and the people are big. There are four majors in the domain, and the people live in one. It shows that people are an important factor that cannot be ignored, and we must pay attention to people and human-oriented thinking. When looking for accurate and reasonable positioning of packaging design. Pay attention to people's material needs and spiritual feelings. The creative expression process of packaging begins with our thinking. The greater the reversal and laterality of this kind of thinking, the more logical and implementable it is. This is a valuable idea.

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