New catalyst for low-carbon mixed alcohol from synthesis gas and supporting process technology breakthrough

China Educational Equipment Procurement Network completed the pilot operation of over 1,200 hours of successful operation

The pilot plant completed more than 1200 hours of successful operation

After years of research, the Shanxi Coal Chemistry Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has made breakthrough progress in "new catalysts and supporting process technologies for the synthesis of low-carbon mixed alcohols from syngas", completing more than 1200 hours of stable operation in the pilot plant. This technology uses a new copper-iron-based catalyst, under mild reaction conditions of temperature 200-260 ℃, pressure 4.0-6.0MPa, space velocity 2000-4000h-1, CO conversion rate> 80%, C2 + higher alcohol selectivity> 50% , Space-time yield of low-carbon mixed alcohol> 0.23Kg / Kgcat.h, various process performance indicators have reached leading level.

This project belongs to the high-efficiency conversion technology of synthesis gas replacing precious metal catalysis in the field of clean energy. It has the characteristics of low catalyst cost, high atomic economy and strong operational feasibility. With the support of the 973 project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Fund ’s major projects, the Henan Coal Chemical Industry Group and the Dutch Shell Petroleum Company, the R & D team abandoned the traditional high-temperature, high-pressure harsh synthesis reaction conditions and the use of precious metal high-cost processes, and directed the development The technical route of high value-added chemical mixed alcohols and fuel additives can achieve higher alcohol yield and C2 + alcohol selectivity at a lower reaction pressure and temperature, and realize low-carbon efficient conversion of syngas. At present, Shanxi Coal Chemical Institute has applied for 7 national invention patents.

The successful operation of this pilot plant has laid a solid foundation for the 10,000-ton industrial demonstration of syngas to low-carbon mixed alcohol, and has the industrial application prospect of replacing methanol process technology. In the context of increasing crude oil supply in recent years and the continued downturn in the methanol alternative fuel market, this technology is expected to become an important way to reduce oil dependence and avoid risks in the methanol market.

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