Talking about the operation rules of the folding machine of post-press equipment

The operating rules of the folding machine mainly include the following:

(1) Make all preparations before starting the folding machine, such as roughly checking whether the main parts and screws are loose, whether the rules are moving, whether there are oil stains on the post passage, etc., and add good lubricant;

(2) When starting the machine, first turn on the motor to make the machine run idly (or start the clutch, connect the front and rear car feeder and the folding machine), then open the air pump to feed the air, and then the paper will be folded into the folding machine. page;

(3) When starting the machine, you must first send a signal and click the car to check the operation status. Then, after the signal is correct, send the signal to hang the long car and gradually turn to the normal speed;

(4) During normal operation, the machine should be checked at any time, and the failure should be analyzed in time, and the stop should be eliminated. Avoid turning on or disturbing each part. After the removal, the signal must be sent before turning on:

(5) During the operation of the machine, the operator must stick to his work position, concentrate his energy, pay attention to the operation of the machine at any time, and ensure that the folding machine smoothly folds;

(6) When the folding machine is operating normally, a single shift (8 to 12 hours) will be scrubbed every two weeks; 2 or 3 shifts (16 to 24 hours) will be scrubbed once a week. The machine should be wiped clean and the air path should be unblocked to ensure that the production can be started normally after the inspection.

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