Overall solution for TS stream subtitle insertion and advertisement interception

I. Overview

Radio and television is the most convenient information publishing platform. In the traditional analog TV era, by inserting information and advertisements such as graphics and subtitles, it can provide a wealth of information services for users, and it is also one of the main sources of income for network operators. After the digital transformation, how network operators re-establish this profit model is an urgent problem to be solved.

Beijing Aichidi Company developed a TS streaming advertisement interception and subtitle insertion program that meets market demand. It can intercept advertisements, intercalation of graphics and subtitles on digital channels, which solves the problem of providing information services in the digital TV era.

Beijing Aichidi's proprietary main frequency point information editing technology greatly reduces the cost of subtitle insertion without front-end network operators, making it possible for subtitle insertion without front-end network operators.

The TS streaming advertisement interception and subtitle insertion scheme launched by Beijing Aichidi successfully solved the functional defect that some devices can only do a single advertisement interception or subtitle insertion, and can perform advertisement interception of different content on each channel Inserting subtitles and subtitles is a perfect integrated solution.

The features of the TS streaming advertisement interception and subtitle insertion program launched by Beijing Aididi are as follows:

l Can provide subtitle insertion and advertisement interception service for the same channel at the same time;

l Each channel can intercept and insert different advertisements and subtitles.

l The information of the cable network users' set-top boxes is automatically updated without affecting the network operation;

l Clear stream and encrypted stream switch automatically, no separate ASI signal switching matrix is ​​needed, the solution is simple and the cost is lower

l Mature and rich advertisement interception and subtitle insertion function;

l Full-screen picture subtitle editing and superimposition function, unlimited layers and unlimited subtitles of graphics and text can be superimposed randomly;

2. Demand analysis

2.1 User requirements

With a network company's digital TV system, there is no complete front end, and the program source is the signal transmitted by the higher-level network company through the HFC network. A network company's digital front-end system transmits a total of 18 frequency points of digital TV programs. In order to realize the broadcast of government news, public welfare information, and emergency notifications, it is planned to select 32 sets of digital TV programs among 8 frequency points. The insertion of digital graphic information services, and select two of them to realize the function of advertising interception.

The specific channels to be inserted by frequency are as follows:

Frequency: 3, 5, 6, 8 in the center

Frequency: 1, 2, 7, 10 in the center

Frequency: Hebei Satellite TV, economy, city, film and television station

Frequency: Beijing, Tianjin, Henan, Shanxi, Taiwan

And so on ...

2.2 Demand analysis

According to the insertion requirements of the teletext information service of a network company, the bidding scheme uses the HDS-2000TS digital television teletext player of Beijing Aididi to build a value-added business operation platform. This solution adopts 6 digital TV teletext players with 36 interpolated channels to realize the teletext and subtitle insertion of 36 sets of digital TV programs and the advertisement interception of 6 sets of digital TV programs.

3. System scheme based on full frequency point regeneration

3.1 Principle

1. After demodulation and decryption, the frequency that needs to insert subtitles is cleared by TS. After the interception and insertion server, the channel in which subtitles need to be inserted is inserted into the flying characters, and the channels that need to be interrupted by advertisements are intercepted. The TS clear stream after the advertisement is intercepted is modulated to the original frequency point by the QAM modulator.

2. The remaining frequency points are all regenerated with a frequency selector to obtain a signal at a single frequency point.

3. The signal of the frequency point after the subtitles are inserted and the signal after the regeneration of the remaining frequency points are mixed to obtain all the frequency point signals.

3.2 Scheme description

1. Through the regeneration of all frequency signals, the purpose of inserting subtitles without front-end users is achieved.

2. Since the frequency without subtitles also needs to be completely regenerated, the system cost is higher.

3. The frequency adjustment of the upper-level network company, the flying word insertion system only needs to reset the parameters to continue using.

4. The insertion system is safe and reliable, and the software interface is easy to operate.

3.3 Equipment List

List of equipment based on the full-frequency point regeneration insertion program (8 frequency points inserted, 4 channels inserted per frequency point, 32 channels inserted in total)

Serial number
Device name
Frequency selector
Receiver (including decryption card)
TS stream subtitle insertion server
TS stream subtitle insertion board
TS stream subtitle insertion software
Insertion control workstation
Network management software
Sixteen-way mixer
RF switch
1000M Ethernet switch
Engineering accessories
Need to understand the quotation after the scene

Note: The above equipment list is for reference only, and the equipment included will vary according to the engineering situation.

4. Interception and insertion server

The HDS-2000TS interception and insertion server is a device for digital television broadcasting system, which is used to directly perform advertisement interception and subtitle insertion on the TS stream of the ASI link. Since the digital transformation, the interconnection between front-end digital devices has almost all adopted the ASI specification, and the data is transmitted in the form of SPTS or MPTS. ASI uses serial transmission, only one coaxial cable is needed, the connection is simple, the distance is long, and it is very convenient.

While the digital transformation brings many advantages, the way to insert subtitles on the TS stream is also completely different from the original analog system. In the analog front end, we use equipment such as subtitle machines, key mixers or multiplexers. Overlay and insert subtitles on CVBS or SDI. But in the digital front-end system, especially in the transmission link without encoder, signals such as CVBS or SDI are no longer possible. At the same time, the TS stream is a transport stream based on MPEG-2 compressed data, and the insertion of subtitles is no longer just a superposition problem like analog devices. During the superimposition process of subtitles, it involves demultiplexing, decoding, Subtitle overlay, video and audio replacement, re-encoding, GOP repackaging, ES and TS re-multiplexing and many other links. The HDS-2000TS interception and insertion server is itself a small front-end system, which is equivalent to completing the functions of several front-end devices.

The HDS-2000TS interception and insertion server successfully solves the defect that some devices can only do a single interception or subtitle insertion function, and solves the problem that some devices have to go through traditional broadcasting or the quality of subtitles is reduced. Channel interception and subtitle insertion of different content is a perfect integrated solution.

4.1 Features of interception and insertion server

TS digital multi-channel video subtitle interception system includes: TS digital multi-channel interception system and TS digital multi-channel subtitle insertion system. TS digital multi-channel interception system includes: TS digital multi-channel interception system, TS broadcast record query system and user management system. TS digital multi-channel subtitle insertion system includes: user management system, subtitle production system, subtitle insertion system.

TS multi-channel interception and TS multi-channel subtitle insertion are two completely independent systems. The TS digital multi-channel video subtitle interception system can insert different and the same subtitle operations for multiple channels.

TS digital multi-channel interception system is a complete and fast interception system software. It can cut off the broadcast of multiple channels at the same time and the operation is simple. It can be used as a scheduled cut-off and triggered cut-off. Trigger playback has specially made a hot key broadcast, which is more in line with the habits of TV stations and greatly reduces the operation. time. The quality of interception has been fundamentally improved. The material of the interception system is completely managed by the database and regulated. And group management, at a glance. Can complete any logic complex broadcast requirements. Can really control the video and audio switching accurately, and complete the regular broadcast. The broadcast list can be modified in real time, and you can check whether the broadcast file is normal at any time. The left and right channel settings solve the problem of audio management. At the same time, it can cut off the broadcast of multiple channels.


l The broadcast material is completely managed by the database

l Easy to operate hot key broadcast is more suitable for ergonomics

l Simple, fast and smooth

l Safe information prompt makes broadcast more secure

l It is convenient to make a playlist, you can enlarge and edit any window

l The number of channels can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the actual channel

l Each machine can intercept four channels.

l Each channel can intercept different video materials.

4.2 Workflow of interception and insertion server

The HDS-2000TS interception and insertion server has an ASI input and an ASI output, and can insert subtitles for any six sets of programs, of which four sets of programs are simultaneously broadcast for advertisements.

4.3 Interception and insertion server software

● Realize the fast, smooth and seamless switching of advertising programs, without jitter, black burst and mosaic, not limited to TS I frames to intercept or insert

● The server can monitor the source signal of each program channel, the interception between different program channels is independent of each other, and the same or different content can be intercepted

● The playlist of each channel can be edited independently

● Provide manual, timing, intra-segment looping and other broadcast methods

● Automatic prompting of broadcast status, with different colors to indicate different broadcast status

● Automatic file checking, when the file is empty, switch to the source signal immediately

● Intelligent fault diagnosis, power-through ASI source signal through, ensuring the safety of the device

● Can automatically record the number of subtitles and video ads played and broadcast time, equipped with query statistics

● Automatic program search, convenient program setting, program alias can be set, convenient and intuitive

● Use sql server and ftp to complete networked material management and retrieval, which is simple and safe

● The subtitle broadcast control can be realized anywhere in the network, and even one channel can be controlled by several control machines in time-sharing.

● Broadcast-level subtitle quality, easy to achieve station logo, clock, graphic, Zuofei, plot corner, and corner corner.

● The subtitles can also be switched and frozen for each channel.

● TS digital multi-channel interception system storage management program

l Broadcast record query system. It can be helpful for query statistics of programs.

l You can complete the backup of the database at a certain moment.

l Broadcast group setting: add channel and IP and card number of the broadcast channel to the inserted channel. Can be flexibly set to insert the same or different subtitles for multiple channels

4.4 Technical specifications

Technical Parameters

Intel 5506 dual Xeon processor
Intel 5520 chipset
operating system
Windows Server 2003
Server memory 4G
Bus standard
Compression standard
Video compression format
MPEG-2, 4: 2: 0/4: 2: 2MP @ ML (1.5 ~ 15Mbps)
Full D1
Audio signal sampling rate
32K, 44.1K, 48K
Multiplexing unit
Follow the standard
ISO / IEC 13818-1
Processing method
Packet length 188/204 self-adaptive, retain the original stream PSI
PCR calibration accuracy
Streaming media processing
Maximum 256 PIDs can be input, and PID filtering is supported
ASI input interface
1 channel (204/188) self-adaptive, input code rate <175Mbps
ASI output interface
1 + 1 channel (204/188), the output code rate is adjustable, the highest can be set to 175Mbps
(Default configuration, 36Mbps)
Control interface
10 / 100Base-T (RJ45)
Input voltage
AC220V, 50Hz
Power consumption
Operating temperature
0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃
Working humidity
10% ~ 85%
Reference standard: FCC Class B, EN55022 Class B
600mm × 483mm × 44mm
Mechanical index
Installation method
19-inch standard rack, 4RU height

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