Lecithin reagent agglutination test

Lecithin reagent agglutination test

(1) Properties of C-reactive protein (CRP)

Lecithin reagent agglutination test is a method for detecting CRP. It is a protein first discovered in the serum of patients with acute lobar pneumonia by Tillett in 1930. It was officially named CRP in 1941 because it is in the presence of Ca2 +. It can be combined with the C polysaccharide on the cell wall of Streptococcus pneumoniae saturatingly, and the precipitation reaction occurs, so it is named CRP. CRP is composed of 5 identical non-covalently bound subunits. It is a circular symmetrical pentahedron with a molecular weight of 129,000 and 7.5S. The electrophoretic mobility is in the β and γ protein regions. McCarty obtained the pure product in 1947, which was a rhombic crystal , Can be precipitated by ammonium sulfate, not heat-resistant, it will be destroyed at 65 ℃.

In the early days, CRP was considered to be an antibody, and it was believed that CRP did not exist in normal serum, but after more than half a century of research, it was not an antibody, because CRP was incomplete with antibodies in terms of source, structure, and antigenicity. It is the same, but it has some common points with antibodies in some properties, such as â‘ CRP can activate complement through traditional methods; â‘¡promotes neutrophil movement and phagocytosis of bacteria, which is much like the effect of opsonin; â‘¢CRP is antigenic , Immunized animals can produce anti-CRP antiserum, but can not be induced by other antigens to produce anti-CRP antibodies. At present, some people think that CRP represents the remains of a primitive recognition system different from immunoglobulin.

CRP is produced by the liver, but the mechanism of synthesis is unclear. CRP can be detected on the smooth surface, rough endoplasmic reticulum and Gorky body of hepatocytes. CRP is lacking or very small in normal body, that is, it is less than 19mg per liter of blood, but during pregnancy, the CRP in blood is slightly increase.

(2) The relationship between CRP and inflammation

CRP is an abnormal protein that appears during acute inflammation or severe tissue damage, so it is also called "acute phase protein". If it is infected with bacteria, it can cause CRP levels to increase, with a positive rate of 80% to 92%; However, during viral infections, CRP levels do not change much, so CRP can be used as an indicator of bacterial infections, as well as an indicator for identifying bacterial and viral infections, such as severe tuberculosis, streptococcal infection, and the initial stage of acute brucellosis (24 Within hours) were positive CRP reactions. Usually the body is in the state of inflammation or severe tissue damage, CRP will increase sharply, and even increase a thousand-fold. The increase of CRP is parallel to the degree of inflammation and tissue damage. When the pathological state recovers, the content of CRP decreases rapidly. Enter the normal state. Therefore, the result of detecting CRP can be used as a non-specific indicator of the presence, severity, and anti-inflammatory treatment effect of inflammation.

(3) Lecithin reagent slide agglutination test for detecting CRP

Because CRP has affinity with lecithin in the cell membrane, agglutination occurs when the two meet, and the degree of agglutination is directly proportional to the CRP content, so this reaction can be used to check whether there is CRP in the serum. The sensitivity of this test is CRP≥16.5 ~ 20μg / ml.

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