Do you need to choose toys for your child by gender?

According to Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao”, Lin Zhimei, an assistant professor at the Singapore Institute of Technology, has studied child development for many years. In her view, the so-called "boy toys" and "girl toys" are a misunderstanding. She suggested that parents should not be too entangled in the "gender" of toys. For example, cooking toys don't make boys become feminine, children just learn through the imitation process. Barbie dolls , which are loved by girls, have been controversial in the academic world. Some experts believe that Barbie allowed girls to be "princess dreams" and "star dreams" from an early age, which hindered the development of women. Many reports suggest that if girls are too exposed to such toys, they will think that they must also meet the beautiful standards of the dolls.
Therefore, Lin Guanmei suggested that children should be selected for toys without gender labels, such as building blocks, balls, puzzles, plasticine, animal farm toys, etc. These toys are suitable for both boys and girls. In addition to stimulating your child's imagination, plasticine can also train your child's muscle motor skills.
In addition, Lin Guanmei also made some suggestions on the selection of toys and toys, such as:
Waste is used as a toy. Parents can encourage their children to use waste to make toys, such as making a shoe box into a car or animal. This not only promotes parent-child relationships, but also allows children to use their imagination, promote thinking, and create.
Let the children guide their parents. Parents should learn to relax and don't think of every play as a way to reach their goals. Lin Guanmei believes that children should have their choice when they want to play. Different toys have different functions, and some parents are only willing to buy educational toys. This is not true.
Avoid toys that are violent. Many boys like toy swords and toy guns from an early age, and some also like cartoons with violent colors. Lin Guanmei believes that this is not good for the growth of children.
Old toy new gameplay. Lin said that parents don't have to constantly buy new toys for their children, but teach them how to use old methods to play old toys.
The original title "Do you need to choose a toy for your child by gender?"

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