Release and application of three-line intelligent washing machine

Samsung announced on February 27 that it will be the first to mass-produce the intelligent washing machine in the Chinese market with the intelligent Internet function of the Ming Hao blue crystal series WW9000.

The Samsung Alum Blue Crystal Series Washing Machine WW9000 has a unique control method: through the dedicated user interface of the full touch display, users can experience intuitive information similar to a smart phone. Users can also use the smart phone to remotely control the operation of the washing machine through the exclusive AppSamsung Smart Washer. Whether at home or on the go, the laundry program can be started or suspended immediately, and the remaining time of the laundry can be known at any time.

In terms of washing function, Samsung WW9000 has added Zhitian precision washing technology, which can automatically set the washing time according to the weight and dirtiness of the clothes, intelligently add appropriate amount of water, and automatically put the right amount of laundry liquid and softener.

In addition, the WW9000 series is also equipped with Samsung's bubble net technology, which pre-treats the clothes with a large amount of foam to improve the cleanliness, and even if washed with cold water, it can get better washing effect. The use of the new intelligent precision vibration reduction technology can further reduce the noise of the washing machine work, even if it is washed at night, it will not worry about affecting family rest.

A new generation of imported baby wash washing machine released

In addition to the first smart washing machine, Samsung also released an imported baby-friendly washing machine.

The new generation of imported baby-friendly washing and washing machine released this time has 90 high-temperature cooking technology, which can achieve good washing effect and sterilization effect on baby clothes even without disinfectant. Consumers can also choose 40 kinds of temperature options to achieve Different washing effects.

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