Darth Data Recovery Technology Popular: FAT32 File System for Flash Media?

People who often play with computers should know that the two main file systems under the Windows platform are FAT and NTFS. The former is used for relatively small partitions, and the latter is used for large-capacity partitions. The FAT32 file system does not support single files above 4GB, so when we store large games or high-definition movies larger than 4GB to flash media, we will encounter the error message in the figure below.

The reason for this error is also due to the limitation of the file system structure, because in the FAT32 underlying data management, the size of the file is defined by the 4 bytes of the pink mark position, as shown in Figure 2:

This location defines the maximum value of a single file as:


The improvement of the NTFS file system breaks this limitation, and when the system fails, you can use log files and checkpoint information to automatically restore the consistency of the file system. Therefore, when we want to copy and store files larger than 4GB, we can choose to format the media as an NTFS partition.

But we found that although the advantages of the NTFS file system are many, many flash memory devices on the market such as: U disk, CF card, SM card, SD / MMC card, memory stick, XD card, MS card, TF card, etc. are still used Or is it the FAT file system, what is the reason why manufacturers persevere to choose this file system that seems to be outdated?

Obviously, this is not a problem of hardware manufacturers, but is determined by the characteristics of flash media. Although NTFS has many advantages, it is designed for traditional mechanical hard drives. It uses a "log-style" file system, which requires frequent recording of detailed disk read and write operations, which will bring additional burden to the flash media. For example, the same access to a file or directory, NTFS partition format read and write times are much more than FAT32, so theoretically using NTFS format partition flash memory life is shorter. At the same time, frequent reading and writing of the NTFS file system also affects the performance of the flash memory and brings a reduction in the transfer rate.

In addition, most flash media can be easily formatted into NTFS file system under Windows7, but when formatted under Windows XP, Windows2003 and lower systems, there is no "NTFS" option

Right-click on the flash media, select "Properties"-"Hardware", then select the corresponding flash drive, click "Properties"-"Strategy", select "Optimize for improved performance", after restarting, you can format the flash media as NTFS format.

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