Principle of operation inside the cryostat

Internal operating principle of Shanghai Bilang cryostat

Principle of operation inside the cryostat

1. Low temperature thermostat parts: compressor, condenser, evaporator, fan (inside and outside) circulating water pump, stainless steel liner, heating tube, intelligent temperature control meter.

2. The internal operating principle of the low-temperature tank: after the compressor is operated, it will be vaporized by suction-compression-exhaust-condensation-throttling-and then low-temperature evaporation to absorb heat. The water temperature will be reduced to the temperature set by the temperature control table, such as temperature control The table setting temperature is higher than normal temperature. The contactor in the temperature control meter works automatically, giving the heating tube a current signal, the heating tube starts to work, when working in the low temperature constant temperature bath. The inlet and outlet of the whole machine can be used for internal circulation or external circulation of the internal water source, and the internal water source can also be led out. Do the second constant temperature field outside the cryostat.

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