Freeze dryer is suitable for the production of slurry and granular products

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. has developed the LNB brand freeze dryer, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, leading the country. Freeze-drying (hereinafter referred to as freeze-drying) is a method of first freezing a water-containing substance into a solid state, and then sublimating the moisture from the solid state into a gaseous state to remove the water and preserve the substance. In the process of compressed air drying, freeze-drying is to reduce the temperature of compressed air, so that the moisture in the compressed air is precipitated. The working principle of the freeze dryer (cold dryer) is the same as that of the refrigerator. After the compressed air passes through the frozen compressed air pipe, the temperature of the compressed air drops to the required temperature to meet the requirements of drying.

Intermittent freeze-drying equipment is convenient to control the requirements of heating temperature and vacuum degree at different stages when materials are dried. Equipment manufacturing and maintenance are easy to carry out. However, since loading, unloading, starting and other operations take up more time, the equipment utilization rate is low and the production efficiency is not high. Continuous freeze-drying equipment began to explore and use continuous vacuum freeze-drying equipment at home and abroad. The characteristics of continuous equipment are suitable for the production of products with a single variety, large output and sufficient raw materials, especially for the production of pulp and granular products. Continuous equipment is easy to realize automatic control, which simplifies manual operation and management, and its main disadvantage is high cost. With the end of GMP certification, the domestically produced excellent freeze-drying equipment for medical use has fully entered the modernization stage, with complete functions, reliable work and stable performance. It can achieve online cleaning or steam sterilization and sterilization. All technical indicators can meet the requirements of biological products and The need for lyophilized production of medicines. In contrast, foreign freeze-drying equipment has more varieties and specifications than domestic ones, complete equipment, energy-saving structure is more refined, and continuous freeze-drying equipment has a large production volume. In order to ensure the quality and energy saving of freeze-dried products, the combined freeze-drying equipment combined with other dry equipment, such as spray freeze-drying equipment, is often used. In the future, how to improve the freeze-drying efficiency, shorten the drying time, and save energy on the premise of ensuring product quality will be the goal of the freeze-drying industry workers.

Vacuum freeze-drying technology has a wide range of applications in the fields of bioengineering, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, material science and deep processing of agricultural and sideline products. Drug freeze-drying includes western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Western medicine freeze-drying has been developed in China, and many larger pharmaceutical factories have freeze-drying equipment. In terms of injections, freeze-drying process is used more often, which improves the quality and shelf life of medicines, bringing benefits to both doctors and patients. There are not many varieties of freeze-dried medicines, the product price is high, and the drying process is not advanced. In terms of traditional Chinese medicine, it is limited to the freeze-drying of a small amount of Chinese herbal medicines such as ginseng, velvet antler, yam, and cordyceps sinensis. A large number of Chinese patent medicines have not yet adopted the freeze-drying process, which is far from abroad. Japan launched the "Chinese medicine western system" a few years ago, which changed the method of brewing traditional Chinese medicine, solved the tradition that traditional Chinese medicine cannot be made into injections or tablets, and solved the problem that traditional Chinese medicine cannot cure acute diseases. Therefore, the freeze-drying process of traditional Chinese medicine in China And product research has great potential to be tapped. In the field of biotechnology products, freeze-drying technology is mainly used for the production of drugs such as serum, plasma, vaccines, enzymes, antibiotics, hormones; biochemical inspection drugs, immunology and bacteriology inspection drugs; blood, bacteria, arteries, bones , Long-term preservation of skin, cornea, nerve tissue and various organs. The status of the equipment and the development of the application of freeze-drying technology and equipment are inseparable. So far, the form of freeze-drying equipment is mainly divided into two types: intermittent and continuous. The scale of the equipment ranges from less than one square meter to several There are ten square meters. Intermittent freeze-drying equipment Intermittent freeze-drying equipment is suitable for multi-variety small batch production, especially in the food field is suitable for seasonal food production. With single-machine operation, if one device fails, it will not affect the normal operation of other devices.

Shanghai Haozhuang Experimental Instrument Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of constant temperature shaker, low temperature water tank, water bath constant temperature oscillator, gas bath constant temperature oscillator, shaker, incubator and other related instruments. The factory has strong technical force, and its technical indicators are leading in China. Product selection is exquisite, exquisite workmanship, excellent quality and reasonable price. Since its establishment, the company has paid great attention to product development, upgrade and update, and constantly launched intelligent instruments with good operability and stability are the principles that Haozhuang Instruments has always followed . At the same time, in order to better serve users, the company is also equipped with professional application engineers to answer your questions at any time. The company's main business and production scope include: testing instruments, laboratory equipment, cleaning equipment, environmental protection equipment and undertaking the design and customization of non-standard products, and providing related technical services.

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