Application of printing quality inspection system in flexible packaging industry

At present, the requirements of end users for packaging and printing quality are becoming higher and higher, and the traditional inspection process has been unable to meet the needs of the packaging market for the inspection of existing printing quality. At the same time, with the upgrading of printing equipment and the continuous improvement of production efficiency, printing quality inspection has increasingly become a bottleneck restricting the development of printing enterprises. This article will briefly analyze the application and development trend of the printing quality inspection system in the flexible packaging industry in combination with the latest digital image processing technology.

Machine vision inspection principle

The printing quality detection system based on digital image processing technology refers to acquiring the image of the surface of the printed product through the camera, and combining the principle of digital image processing, using a computer to process, compare and analyze the collected image to realize the surface of the printed product Comprehensive inspection of printing quality defects. When the system detects a defect, it can issue relevant instructions (such as shutdown, alarm, labeling, etc.) through the computer system. At the same time, the system will also generate defect reports and analysis reports according to the type, location, size and other information of printing quality defects, so as to effectively control the printing quality of the printed matter.

The machine vision inspection system not only realizes real-time inspection, but also has detection capabilities beyond the naked eye, can detect defects that are extremely difficult to find with the naked eye, and can perform full-frame inspection of printed products. The disadvantages of inspection and other methods provide an ideal solution for printing quality inspection.

Application of inspection system in flexible packaging printing

The process flow of flexible packaging printing is usually: packaging plan → process review → plate making → printing → compounding → slitting → finished product. According to the above printing process, the traditional detection link is generally set on the printing machine and compound machine. Most printing companies will also use the rewinding inspection machine to manually inspect the semi-finished products before the slitting process, and add manual detection links in the production process. .

The main detection link of the detection system based on digital image processing technology is on the printing machine, compound machine and slitting machine, which is basically consistent with the mainstream manual detection link. Generally, the detection system installed on the printing machine and the compound machine is called "online detection system", and the detection system installed on the rewinder and slitter is called "offline detection system". The online inspection system and the offline inspection system have their own characteristics. The biggest advantage of the online inspection system is that they can promptly issue alarms and labeling instructions after detecting defects in printing quality, reminding operators to deal with them in time to prevent the occurrence of continuous defects. While raw materials are wasted, the overall quality of the printed matter is improved; the offline detection system has great flexibility. After detecting the printing quality defects, it can be shut down in time to meet the needs of customers with high quality requirements. The set of off-line detection system can also take care of the printed matter detection of multiple sets of printing machines.

In actual production, the printing company should combine its own product characteristics, process layout, quality requirements and other characteristics, through comprehensive analysis to decide whether to choose an online or offline detection system. Only when the detection system and the printing process are perfectly matched can the maximum investment be achieved. Out ratio.

development trend

At present, some leading domestic flexible packaging printing companies have begun to develop new printing quality inspection processes, fully integrating the advantages of online and offline inspection systems. With the in-depth integration of visual inspection and printing process, the quality analysis report provided by the inspection system will be more perfect and the operability will be more convenient.

With the continuous development of machine vision inspection technology, it will continue to infiltrate into various processes such as plate making, plate roller inspection, comprehensive management of printing quality, compounding, and slitting finished products. At the same time, with the help of network technology, the overall process of flexible packaging printing is realized. Digital detection and control to improve the quality management level of printing enterprises.

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