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[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The child's nature is very fun, often running around at home, and hitting a bruise has happened. Nowadays, the only children in many urban families have their own living room. Most parents want to buy low-quality children's furniture such as bedclothes, writing desks and wardrobes for their children. Therefore, the prospects for children's furniture are very broad. However, through the analysis of the characteristics of children of different ages, the wardrobe designer should further explore the inner world of children. The design should not be simplified as “small size, cartoon, colorful”. The following two kinds of children's wardrobes are introduced. design diagram.

Children's wardrobe interior design (1)

Children's wardrobe

In fact, when we buy a children's wardrobe, it is mainly based on the specific size of our room. The designer also considered this when designing the children's wardrobe. From the drawings, the internal design of the children's wardrobe is analyzed. Clearly understand where our needs lie.

Children's wardrobe interior design (2)

Children's wardrobe interior design

The picture shows the basic situation of the interior design of the children's wardrobe according to the elevation of the children's room. From the figure, we can understand that it is designed from the layout of the whole room. The children's room includes beds and bookshelves. wardrobe. Because children's clothing is rarely combined with the specific size of the bedroom, the design of the children's wardrobe is relatively small and simple. For children, the interior design of our wardrobe can't be too complicated. Everything is simple, and it is easier for children to live in the future.

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