Sports Brand: Marketing Mode Owes Cultural Connotation

Sports Brands: Marketing Models Owe Cultural Connotations Date: 2014-06-04 10:56

Under the sports boom triggered by the World Cup, the sporting goods industry is one of the most direct beneficiaries. A few days ago, a number of sportswear and apparel companies interviewed by reporters responded to the World Cup marketing by advertising. However, there are also companies taking the opportunity to expand their business in Brazil. Some industry analysts believe that the current level of domestic sports brand marketing is still low, and in the case of not touching the river, the risk of doing sports marketing is heavy, and the marketing model has also become the first to get rid of the domestic enterprises. .

Take advantage of internationalization

Domestic sports brands have opportunities in the World Cup marketing. Zhu Qingyu, a light industry researcher at China Investment Advisors Co., Ltd., said that the World Cup has a greater influence in the world. If the domestic sports brands can stand out in the World Cup, it will help improve the brand image.

Recently, it was reported that 361 will invest approximately RMB 90 million into the Brazilian market and plans to set up 10 representative offices in Brazil to set up a storage center in the new Hamburg city of South Rio Grande do Sul. It is expected to start operations in July this year. The first batch will put 150 kinds of sports apparel products to the Brazilian market.

The relevant person in charge of 361 told the Beijing Commercial News reporter that entering the Brazilian market was the first step in the internationalization of the brand. After Brazil, Latin America and North America considered the market for the next stage. In their opinion, the World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games are a godsend.

Each has a plan

Many other sports brands also have their own plans for leveraging the World Cup, especially the World Cup advertising. According to public information, in the CCTV World Cup advertising resource briefing on April 18th, Peak, Xtep, 361, Jordan, Anta, an elegant bird and many other brands all appeared on the scene. The fierceness of this sports ad war is evident.

In addition, in the face of the World Cup, some local sports brands chose to take another stance through small actions. According to Liu Xiang, the relevant person in charge of Peak, each brand wants to do marketing, but with resources, there are either stars, teams, or official partners, but we don't have one, and we can only do some marketing from the side. .

As for the so-called minor actions of Peak, in addition to advertising, there is also a project that cooperates with CCTV. In addition, they have done some World Cup-related posters and products in the terminal market, including T-shirts or POLO shirts.

What is worth noting is that there are still some companies that choose to start first. At last year's sports branding conference, many companies launched new products with a strong football style.

Domestic brands die pattern circle

Although domestic brands have a greater expectation of the World Cup, sports experience is a high-risk job, according to past experience. In 2012, there were reports of Anta's hundreds of millions of sponsorships at the London Olympics. Allegedly, apart from providing championship dragon clothes, Anta also provided all the costumes of the Chinese delegation in addition to formal etiquette suits and race suits. With the theme of honoring moments, it continued to broadcast the championship dragon clothes on CCTV-5. advertising. However, from an operating point of view, both ANTA’s turnover and net profit have both dropped significantly in 2012, and the 2013 data continued to decline.

For Anta's 2012 Olympic marketing, there are industry analysts believe that, first of all, there is no new sponsorship, just because everyone is sponsoring, so the battle had to fight. Second, the conventional online and offline activities cooperate with each other, and from the point of view of advertising media communication, they are quite satisfactory and have little new ideas. But everyone you do is doing it, but doing so is tantamount to not doing it.

Zhu Qingyun said that the current level of domestic sports brand marketing is still low, marketing is generally more modest, it is difficult to express the core and content of brand culture in a better way. In contrast, Nike and Adidas are good at emotional marketing and resonate with consumers.

In addition, Zhu Qingyi warned that the risk of domestic sports brands in World Cup marketing is mainly reflected in the fact that the World Cup is too big, and there are many companies and brands involved in the marketing. If the domestic sports brands lack a clear strategic plan in advance, they only pay attention. Money, not rational choice of marketing methods, is likely to make marketing costs overdone, can be described as losing his wife and breaking soldiers.

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