80% successful women preferred Rococo carved wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Successful women's career is like a duck, their quality of life is also improved with the success of their careers, and their wardrobes will be replaced from elegant and simple styles into elegant and elegant carved wardrobes.

Shi Niman Luo Coco carved series wardrobe

Siniman Wardrobe

Reference price : 9800 yuan

Applicable people : middle and high-end fashion women

Recommended reason : "Shi Nieman" overall wardrobe (decoration renderings) brand series products in the design of Chinese and Western culture, not only meet the emotional snowball of Chinese traditional culture, but also pursue the avant-garde, innovative aesthetic needs of Western culture, The overall fashion, atmosphere. Its carved art (decoration effect drawing) board is from the hands of famous Italian designers. The pure European taste of classical (decoration effect picture) flowers, floating light, is worth collecting.

Wardrobe design

Detail image

Comprehensive comments :

Boys who like classical elegance may wish to choose this wardrobe. This wardrobe comes from the engraving series of Sniman. It is made of E1 grade environmentally friendly sheet and the substrate is MDF. The surface of the handmade Rococo classical floral pattern is elegant and feminine. Based on pearl white, decorated with classical gold-plated handles, the love of the snow, with European (decoration renderings) classical, simple European, pastoral (decoration renderings) and feminist style of the room, easily create a full house romantic style, tenderness The film, impressed the hostess's heart. The design of the cabinet is reasonable and the accessories are available. The design also considers the proportion of the human body. The hangers are not tall or short, just enough to reach out. The metal fittings are also the brand of Shi Nieman, which has the logo of the Niemann, the basket and the drawer, which are smooth and have no obvious noise. Tips: There is a Nieman's LOGO on the edge banding. Remember to check when buying, so as not to buy fakes.

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