Detect the accuracy of the hygrometer

According to the specific situation, the following methods are for reference:

1. A hygrometer with a high precision can be purchased as a standard part for self-calibration, or a hygrometer of the same level can be used for calibration.

2, hygrometer internal school method:


1. Constant temperature and humidity chamber, used to provide the required temperature and humidity points

2. Temperature and humidity standard (3 to 10 times higher accuracy than the instrument being calibrated)


A constant temperature and humidity chamber is used to provide several temperature and humidity points (which can be defined by themselves, and the average range of the instrument to be tested needs to be covered on average). At these temperature and humidity points, the calibration instrument is compared with the standard reading.

Recommended tolerance: temperature +/- 3 degrees Celsius, humidity +/- 5%.

435 liters medium humidity cabinet [HSA435D] (20-60% RH)

1436 liters of medium humidity cabinet [HSA1436BD] (20-60%)

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