Gospel to! Feel the unique charm of the new wardrobe

[ China Wardrobe ] "Asian Building Materials Exhibition" - The 16th China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Expo (referred to as Guangzhou Construction Expo) was held on July 8-11, 2014. At this exhibition, many well-known wardrobe brands have launched unique products. Let us feel the unique charm of these wardrobe products.

Bai Desheng Wardrobe - Healthy and Environmentally Friendly Home Experience

At this exhibition, the company won the introduction of formaldehyde-free structural solid wood panels, national protection patent certification, the world's first NAF aldehyde-free addition patent, and applied this patent to their wardrobe products.

Bai Desheng Wardrobe Love Shang Milan Series

Bai Desheng Wardrobe

Product features: environmentally friendly materials, excellence

Recommended reason : Bai Desheng wardrobe loves Milan series overall white appearance, unique temperament, eye-catching, and the use of environmentally friendly sheet to ensure the health and safety of consumers. The brand hardware casting, the quality is guaranteed, and the wardrobe partition is clear, which is very convenient for consumers' daily use.

Wrigley Wardrobe - Dedicated Customized Concept

During the Guangzhou Jianbo Fair, Wrigley's custom-made wardrobes also introduced some new products, and the Wrigley "British Men's Dance" tatami series stood out as the biggest highlight. It combines a wardrobe with a tatami. The stylish and fresh appearance, flexible and exquisite design, and high-end environmentally-friendly materials perfectly explain the pursuit of quality and the understanding of modern minimalist life.

Wrigley Wardrobe "British Man Dance" Tatami Series

Wrigley Wardrobe

Product Features : Wardrobe and tatami perfect combination

Recommended reason : Wrigley custom wardrobe new "British Man Dance" tatami series, the wardrobe and tatami organic combination, using the original ecological design, close to nature, return to life. Moreover, this wardrobe combines the advantages of the traditional residence culture into the modern sleek minimalist life to create a unique home atmosphere.

Top solid closet - intelligent change of life

As a pioneer of smart wardrobes, Top Solid integrates the concept of intelligence into the design of new wardrobes, and focuses on the integration of Chinese and Western in the overall design. Therefore, at this Guangzhou Construction Expo, the top solid wardrobe bedroom has a strong introduction of the top solid smart bedroom furniture system.

Top solid smart bedroom furniture system

Top wardrobe

Product features : natural, smart first

Recommended reason : This wardrobe in the top solid smart bedroom furniture system is integrated with the whole home. The wardrobe partition is clear, the long and short clothing areas are patchwork, carefully constructed with environmentally-friendly plates, and the intelligent concept is integrated into the whole wardrobe. The grade is very eye-catching.

The Guangzhou Construction Expo, the new products are like clouds, each with its own characteristics. It can be seen that the wardrobe industry is booming like a sunrise. Throughout most wardrobe products, the concepts of “customization”, “environmental protection” and “intelligence” are deeply rooted in it. I hope that the products launched at this exhibition will bring more “gospel” to consumers.

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