Portable vibration measuring instrument / vibration measuring instrument

Model HZ-9508 Mating sensor YD-12 Frequency range (Hz) 10-15,000 Measuring range Displacement: 1-1999μm (peak-to-peak) Speed: 0.1-199.9mm/s (RMS) Acceleration: 0.1-199.9m/s2 (peak) accuracy 5% ± 2 words channel 1 application field measurement

Binders And Accessories

Divider pages are stationery items with a divider function. A variety of separation schemes can be selected, suitable for use in office and school and other places, convenient for users to find content, our company's production of separation pages have a variety of sizes, a variety of colors can be selected. The plastic pocket insertable divider featuring eye-catching tabs with fun designs in assorted colors provides large storage space. The Big Tabâ„¢ design supports using of bigger fonts or more lines of text on each insert. This plastic pocket is more durable. Folder is specially used to hold the whole page of documents, the main purpose is to better save files, make it neat and regular.Folders are tools for storing, protecting and managing paper documents.Materials include PP, PVC, cardboard;There are parts of imitation leather, cloth and so on.There are many kinds of folder categories: including single strong folder, double strong folder, information booklet, two inch folder, three inch folder, different specifications of double open folder, single folder (also known as l-type folder), multi-page folder.

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